‘Yellowstone’ TV: Does This Jamie and Beth Dutton Pic Show Exact Moment ‘All the Animosity’ Started?

by Jon D. B.

Yellowstone just shared a tense, divisive snapshot from this key Season 3 flashback, and fans are having all the feelings.

It’s the debate that will never end. Is Jamie the most horrific brother in all of fictional history? Or did Yellowstone‘s writers really drop the ball on this one – forcing in a flashback that logistically makes no sense?

Or both? Could be both, honestly. Either way, Yellowstone continues to ramp fans up for Season 4 without so much as a hint of its release date. Their latest?

“The beginning of all the animosity,” the show posts Thursday via their official Twitter. Bold words, ladies and gents! Bold words. Especially with all us die-hards still in the dark over Season 4!

Regardless of how this sequence makes us feel, this image has become infamous within the Yellowstone pantheon and fandom at large. And as such, fans have some intense feelings on the whole storyline.

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Remain Divided Over That Flashback

“I’m sorry but letting your sister get a hysterectomy knowingly and not tell her and let her decide is beyond f***ed up,” replies fan Mona. “He was 18, not 8. He knew what he was doing. I’d hate him for life too. He deserves all her hate.”

It’s safe to say we can place Mona in the “Jamie is the worst” camp. Which, to be fair, is how this storyline was written – to give fans a reason to justify Beth’s hate for her brother.

“It bugged me, to why she hated him so much until this scene, and then it clicked, and he deserved everything she threw at him,” echoes follower Greg.

Another fan, Ty, says the photo and tweet “hints there will be more of it in Season 4. Beth survives explosion. I bet she lost an eye,” they hypothesize. Not sure where this incredibly specific fallout comes from, but anything’s possible?

One Yellowstone fan, however, “hated that storyline…” – and thus enters the counter-argument.

“Gonna tell the brother of the patient, but not the patient… that doesn’t make sense 2 me!!” responds follower Liza. “My friend got pregnant in 1985 17 yrs old & They told her options, they would have told Beth. The writers failed on this one.”

As much as we cover our favorite show here on Outsider, it honestly feels that Yellowstone fans are as divided now as they were when this reveal first hit amidst Season 3. While it’s easy to hate Jamie for all this, many agree with fan Liza here, in that this entire flashback was ill-conceived for the reasons she lists.

Just as many, however, still see it as the perfect setup to Beth & Jamie’s animosity. But don’t worry, we’re not here to convince anyone one way or the other. Both are equally valid and opinion-based, right?

Yet there is, thankfully, one comment on Thursday’s tweet we can all agree with:

“Keeping the viewers in the dark for the Season 4 premiere date is the beginning of animosity,” replies Dean.

Nailed it.