‘Yellowstone’ TV: Does This ‘Oddly Heartwarming’ Moment Give True Look Into Colby and Ryan’s Friendship?

by Thad Mitchell

As is the case with popular television shows, the storylines of “Yellowstone” boil down to the relationships the characters have with each other.

We all know and love the relationship between tough guy Rip Wheeler and tough girl Beth Dutton. Any “Yellowstone” fan can tell you the uneasy relationship between John and Jamie Dutton is a huge storyline. The relationship between ranch hand Jimmy and “buckle bunny” Mia is one that draws a lot of attention. We could even be getting a “relationship triangle” next season with Laramie leaving Lloyd and ending up with Walker. The point is that “Yellowstone” is largely driven by the drama that comes from these various relationships.

An under-the-radar friendship between bunkhouse boys Ryan and Colby is the subject of a recent Reddit post. The “Yellowstone” fan points to the “bar fight” scene as proof that the two ranch hands are the best of friends. The Reddit poster suggests that a couple of subtle moments in the fight scene shows deep admiration. The fan also uses still frames from the episode to back up his point.

“So, re-watching, and saw something that reminded me of my best friend and me in our much younger and much wilder days,” the Redditor writes.

The “Yellowstone” fan then goes on to describe the scene and how Ryan and Colby work together to fend off attackers. It is one of the most memorable scenes from the entire series to this point. It also really shines a light on how the bunkhouse crew looks after each other when times get tough.

“I notice that when Colby comes over and breaks the pool cue over the guy’s back, he grabs him, looks up and makes eye contact with Ryan,” the Redditor recalls. “Colby perfectly tees him up for his friend to come in and land the haymakers.”

‘Yellowstone’ Bar Fight Scene Shows Bunkhouse Chemistry

It’s excellent teamwork on behalf of the bunkhouse crew. But, the Redditor says it could provide more insight into “Yellowstone” Ranch.

“It struck me as a pretty realistic representation of how two guys who have been around each other and watched each other’s back for years just know how the other guy is going to react, how he’s going to move and what they need to do to protect each other,” the Reddit user concludes.

We don’t have a lot of backstory on Ryan, Colby or some of the other bunkhouse crew. Maybe this scene means they’ve been with “Yellowstone” Ranch long enough to know how each other operates. If nothing else, it makes for a really great fight scene.

It wouldn’t be the last time we see the tandem of Colby and Ryan get into a fight. In season three they challenge and defeat a rowdy motorcycle club trespassing on “Yellowstone” property.

We certainly hope to see more bunkhouse brawls when season four finally arrives.