‘Yellowstone’ TV: Does Willa Hayes Have a Husband Secretly Helping Her Take Down the Duttons?

by Thad Mitchell

“Yellowstone” is (hopefully) just a few short weeks from premiering its fourth and newest seasons and the theories are coming in fast.

The third season finale of “Yellowstone” threw viewers for a loop that is still being talked about. Throughout the show’s hiatus, fans of the Paramount Network series have speculated on who is behind attacks on the Dutton Family. Three members of the Dutton family were ambushed by unknown assailants as the final seconds of season three tick away. Watchers are also left to ponder who of their favorite characters are dead and which are alive. It is obviously the biggest “Yellowstone” question as we head into a new season.

Beyond discovering who is dead and who is alive, the biggest “Yellowstone” question is just who did it. There is no shortage of suspects and sitting right at the top of that list is Willa Hayes. Willa is the CEO of Market Equities and wants “Yellowstone” Ranch as her own. She is teaming with Roarke Morris in an effort to obtain the Dutton family property. Though they offer up a hefty price for the land, they are rebuffed by John Dutton and angered at his stubborn stance. They believe they have offered a more than fair sum of $500 million for the ranch but are told no deal by the Duttons. Unwilling to take no for an answer, Hayes and Morris have shown they are willing to use dirty tactics.

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Point Out Clue Regarding Willa Hayes Marital Status

In a recent Reddit post, a “Yellowstone” fan thinks Willa Hayes might have a significant other, helping her along the way.

“Did anyone hear the seated Governor refer to Willa as ‘Mrs. Hayes?'” the poster writes. “She has a husband?”

One would think that someone married to Willa would have to be a brave man. A shrewd negotiator with no time for nonsense, Hayes is all business all the time.

Regardless of if she is married or not, Willa’s storyline will undoubtedly be a highlight of season four. The rivalry between Market Equities and the Dutton family over Yellowstone Ranch is just getting started. When two entities want the same thing they can either share it or fight over it. Does anyone see John Dutton sharing his ranch with some outsiders? That leaves one scenario and that is a glorious battle and we can’t wait to see where the angle takes us.

Hang in there ‘Yellowstone” fans, answers to our most important questions are coming soon.