‘Yellowstone’ TV Drops Hilarious ‘Lloyd’ Quote in Latest Post

by Jon D. B.

There’s no doubt about it, Lloyd has some of the best one-liners in all of Yellowstone, and the show’s Instagram is highlighting his most hilarious in their latest post.

Played to perfection by real-life cowboy Forrie J. Smith, Lloyd is an unsung treasure of Paramount’s smash hit drama, “Yellowstone.” Characters like Lloyd have risen to prominence alongside the show as it skyrocketed from a well-received but relatively obscure streaming drama to television’s #1 syndicated drama.

Audiences’ appetite for more “Yellowstone” is at a fever pitch, as well. While we all wait for any news on season 4, tidbits like this perfect quote from Lloyd will have to keep us going.

Posting to their official Instagram today, “Yellowstone” is reliving one of its finest quotes. And, of course, it comes from the lips of Lloyd:

“She’s old enough to vote and buy bullets. Don’t be blaming me for her bad judgment.”

What a gem.

The line comes courtesy of the “super fascinating” relationship between Lloyd and his bunkhouse beauty, Laramie. While fans current with the show will know that things have gotten complicated between these two, this only gives us all that much more reason for them to make up in Season 4.

To this end, Paramount recently posted a “Bunkhouse Romance” montage that features the golden, unorthodox lovin’ between these two westerners. “I don’t think Laramie sees age,” the character’s actress Hassie Harrison says. “I think she definitely sees his soul,” she continues of Laramie’s relationship with Lloyd. “She kind of clocks that he’s the alpha in the room, and that’s who she wants to be saddled up to.”

As for Lloyd, Forrie J. Smith says “she’s such a strong woman. My heart got on my sleeve a little bit.” We’re right there with you, Lloyd. Unorthodox characters, relationships, and situations like this are, after all, what make “Yellowstone” – Yellowstone.

We’re preaching to the choir, too, but there’s no counting the strengths of the show for fans. It’s the best of so many worlds, all combining into the best modern television has to offer. Through the watchful eyes of “Yellowstone” creator Taylor Sheridan, the show remains as true-to-life as it can within such a high-stakes, neo-reality Western. At the forefront of all of this – is casting. While some actors like Kevin Costner have decades of equestrian experience, others are the absolute real deal. And that’s exactly what Forrie J. Smith is – and exactly why such a line feels perfect coming from beneath that glorious mustache.

Smith, the actor behind ranch hand Lloyd, is perfect for the role not just for said mustache, either – but because he’s truly a real-life cowboy. A long-time Hollywood stuntman and actor, “Yellowstone” is Smith’s first series regular role, and we love the show for bringing him into such a prominent place in the story.

Yellowstone’s Best Quotes: Ranch Hand Lloyd

Through Smith, the show’s writers are able to craft some of the absolute best dialogue of the entire show, as well. Saying Lloyd has some of “Yellowstone‘s” best quotes also feels like the understatement of the century. Below, we’ve gathered a few other gems from the ranch hand, just to name a few:

  • “Pray like hell, and hold on.”
  • “Rough business becoming a man, ain’t it? Beats the alternative, though…”
  • “It’s the shame that hurts the most, you know? But shame, it’s in the mind. You can turn that faucet off whenever you want to.”
  • “You know, you did something that no one does, Rip. You’ve outlived your past.”

And these are just the tip of the horse’s arse. For all of Lloyd’s best quotes from the show’s first three seasons, continue on to our Yellowstone TV Coverage: Lloyd’s Best Quotes Ahead of Season 4 Release.