‘Yellowstone’ TV Drops Hilariously Relatable ‘Going to Work on Mondays’ Video

by Katie Maloney

Jimmy is all of us on Monday mornings in this Yellowstone clip.

Ugh, Mondays, am I right? Yellowstone is definitely with us on this one. The show recently posted a hilarious video about starting work on Mondays. The video features a scene from the show when Jimmy, beaten-up and sore, has to ride another horse. Jimmy reluctantly walks alongside his horse dreading the moment he has to hop on. Colby teases Jimmy, “Yo Jimmy, you know, you’re supposed to ride it, right? Get up, Jimmy.” Jimmy pauses to curse his job before mounting the horse. Along with the video, Yellowstone wrote, “Me going to work on Mondays.” And with over 4,500 likes after only an hour of being posted, it looks like people can relate.

The Actor Who Plays Jimmy on Yellowstone Talked About His Long Road to Becoming a Cowboy

Most Yellowstone fans can probably all agree that Jimmy’s struggles weren’t exclusive to Mondays. It’s no secret that he wasn’t exactly a natural-born cowboy. It took some time for him to learn the ropes, literally and figuratively, of the Dutton Ranch. During an interview in 2019, Jefferson White, who plays Jimmy on the show, talked about Jimmy’s journey on Yellowstone.

“Outside of this cattle empire, there are people who don’t have the benefit of that sort of financial privilege and that’s Jimmy, ” said White. “After living a life of crime, Jimmy is basically given one last chance by John Dutton.”

Dutton gives Jimmy a chance to work on the ranch and Jimmy embarks on a journey unlike any he’s ever faced before.

“He’s brought onto the ranch and thrown into a world that it totally foreign to him,” said White. “This to Jimmy is like a fun and exciting adventure. While suspicious, he has no idea what the real ramifications are.”

As all Yellowstone fans know, it wasn’t smooth riding for Jimmy at first. It took a while for him to get into the swing of things and be accepted into the ranch family.

“After doing everything wrong and sort of always being the idiot, he sort of gets that approval and recognition from the other cowboys, which means the world to him and sort of propels him forward,” said White.

However, White said that he can’t promise Jimmy will keep it together forever.

“Whether Jimmy is capable of sustaining it, is something we’ll all find out together,” said White with a laugh.

Jefferson White talks about his character, Jimmy, on Yellowstone.