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‘Yellowstone’ TV Drops ‘Life According to Beth’ Video as Fans Await Season 4 Premiere

by Halle Ames
Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom

The Yellowstone series has dropped a personality video of Beth Dutton as fans patiently await the season four premiere. 

Yeah, don’t mind us, Yellowstone. This teasing video will have to do while we wait for season four. And for the time being, fans are still left in the dark about the highly anticipated release date, making them question when the series will answer some pretty big cliffhangers from the finale. 

However, if fans are going to wait, we’ll happily wait while watching Beth Dutton’s glorious highlight reel. The series dropped a nearly four-minute video this morning of “Life According to Beth.” 

Beth Dutton isn’t exactly the type to skip through meadows and smile at strangers. Nope. She is more like the type to steal your husband, slash your tires, and burn down your company’s empire. Beth Dutton is one character you don’t want to mess with on Yellowstone. 

However, her soft spot comes in the form of a large, masculine, dirty cowboy that she has loved since she was a young girl, Rip Wheeler. The two have had a very complicated relationship growing up on the ranch together. However, now that they are mature enough to realize their unwavering feelings for each other, they plan on getting married. 

The two are a force to be reckoned with on Yellowstone. Beth Dutton will destroy you mentally and emotionally, while Rip will actually tear you piece by piece. Again, they are not a couple of individuals to taunt. 

Beth Dutton On…

In fact, the Yellowstone tweet warns of Beth Dutton’s wit and attitude. 

“Beware: The sting never fades with Beth. #YellowstoneTV.”

Between her colorful vocabulary and her bad*ss demeanor, you really cannot beat Beth. She always knows exactly what to say and does so without an ounce of hesitation. She is simply iconic. 

The video highlights Beth Dutton in different hilarious scenarios. 

Her first impressions are ones that you will never forget, with her confidence and last name making you question everything. And although she grew up on a massive ranch, she “doesn’t get near those f*cking things.”

The youngest Dutton is also not someone you would want as your boss or coworker, with a cut-throat attitude that loves to yell. Furthermore, do not trust her with your child. Beth has no maternal instincts… or cooking abilities. As for self-care, just give this woman some alcohol, a cigarette, and a tub of water. It doesn’t matter where. Literally… she is very comfortable in her skin sweater. 

On the other hand, Beth Dutton is loyal to her Yellowstone family and will destroy anyone in their way. Besides Jamie. I’ve never seen a more toxic family dynamic. 

Yellowstone Fans Grow Impatient

Although the video is legendary, Yellowstone fans are becoming impatient with the series lack of communication in the comment section. With no update on when the new season will finally air, many once-loyal viewers are unfollowing the account. 

“I’m about to unfollow you,” said one user. “You’ve made no effort to update us or keep us in the loop about this show, which is the whole reason I follow this page. Very disappointed in your “product.”