‘Yellowstone’ TV Drops New Ominous ‘Every Body Pays’ Teaser Ahead of Season 4

by Jon D. B.

“Every. Body. Pays.” With a band of horses dragging a corpse through the dust, Yellowstone just dropped a brand new teaser for Season 4, and it’s brilliant.

Well that was unexpected! Tuesday just got a whole lot more exciting for Yellowstone fans as the show’s just dropped a brand new teaser featuring all new footage to their social media. And across the board, fans are losing it. Even cast members can’t resist the hype, with Jimmy’s Jefferson White commenting on Instagram with a slew of surprise emojis.

And after you watch the trailer, chances are you’ll agree with his emoji-filled assessment. With the cryptic byline of “Every. Body. Pays…” Yellowstone’s teaser is, well, killer:

How’s that for a mood setter?

Dust flies amidst the frantic galloping and neighs of a dozen unbridled horses. Then comes the last of the herd… Dragging a corpse. Every. Body. Pays.

But who’s corpse is it? There’s absolutely no way to tell. But man, do we know some fans are hoping it’s Jamie’s. He is “at war” with his adoptive father, John Dutton, after all, as this former teaser tells us.

‘Yellowstone’ Season 4 to be ‘Most Intense’ Yet

Last week, Paramount Network released another killer teaser for Season 4. Within, footage relives the final moments of Season 3 through the assassination attempt on Kevin Costner’s John Dutton. Here, though, we see his plight from entirely new angles. It’s pretty effective, if not a bit ham-fisted, but man is the Yellowstone marketing team having a field day.

The teaser’s highlight also comes at the end with a fine, spine-chilling stinger. As the screen fades to black, a seething voice growls: “We’re at war, you and me…”

But who? Who’s at war? For this Yellowstone diehard, the voice is an instantly recognizable one. The actor delivering this line is 100% Wes Bentley. Zero doubts. Which means, as many fans continue to speculate, Jamie Dutton and his adoptive father, John Dutton, are officially at war for Yellowstone Season 4.

Hoo boy. Can it be November already?

While we wait, hearing Jamie’s voice utter such powerful words with such hatred behind them is getting fans all sorts of riled up. Through Taylor Sheridan’s writing and Wes Bentley’s performance, we still cannot tell whether Jamie is to turn full Dark Side or not. Bentley himself can’t, either, for that matter!

In reality, Bentley has probably known his character’s journey for a while now, as that’s how film works. Yet it makes the wait to see how it all unfolds no less intense for the rest of us.

Yellowstone returns for Season 4 Sunday, November 7 only on Paramount Network. And we can’t wait to see which bodies will be paying the ultimate price. After all… Every. Body. Pays.