‘Yellowstone’ TV Drops New Snap of Luke Grimes’ Kayce Dutton With Thought-Provoking Caption

by Jon D. B.
(source: Paramount Networks Press Center, Yellowstone Series Photography)

Yellowstone is wondering “what Kayce is thinking about…” in their latest update for fans. We’ll bet it’s *ahem* the Season 4 trailer and/or release date…

It feels petty at this point, but c’mon, Paramount! Hit us with a trailer, already! Or a teaser at the least? Yellowstone fans are dying for any glimpse of Season 4, and with nothing in sight for all of 2021 so far, the angst is strong.

So when Yellowstone‘s official Instagram asks “Wonder what Kayce is thinking about…” with their Wednesday post, well, we’ll tell yah, Yellowstone. It’s Season 4!

Seriously, look at the gaze on Kayce Dutton in this classic shot and tell us he’s not pondering on the future of himself and his family:

Those are the soulful eyes of a cowboy who longs for destiny, folks. For fate. And there’s none of either for Kayce Dutton without a @%#$ trailer!

Sorry. Where were we? Kayce Dutton?

Kayce or No Kayce, When Should We Expect a ‘Yellowstone’ Season 4 Trailer?

Nope! Enough about John Dutton’s prodigal son, already. When will we see any glimpse of Yellowstone Season 4? Thankfully, it should be right around the corner.

With so much focus placed on the explosive events of Season 3’s finale, fans are aching for something – anything – to give an idea of what to expect for the future of Yellowstone. A trailer is absolutely the best way to do this. But we’ve still yet to receive an official release date for Yellowstone Season 4, either. Honestly, a whole lot is up in the air, and if Paramount’s intent is to build suspense… It’s working.

We can, however, at least offer a bit of clarity. By looking back at when the trailers for other seasons hit ahead of their season’s premieres, we can shed light on when to expect Season 4’s trailer.

The verdict? Each trailer has released an average of a month and a half before their season’s premiere.

Yellowstone Season 3’s first episode hit June 20 of 2020. The trailer, however, hit relatively soon before that in the second week of May, 2020. As a result, if Yellowstone Season 4 is also to hit in late June for 2021, then the trailer should hit mid-May.

Paramount should stick to a more typical syndication style for their cable drama and launch at a similar time to previous seasons, so this seems as solid a bet as any. Keep those fingers crossed, cowboys & girls!