‘Yellowstone’ TV Drops Stunning Sunset Pic of Beth Dutton Staring Into Rip Wheeler

by Jon D. B.

If you’re “forever shipping Rip and Beth,” don’t worry – you’re not alone. “Yellowstone” is all about their fan-favorite couple, and has a gorgeous shot of Rip & Beth to prove it.

A powerful photo needs little introduction or caption. Such is the case with ‘Yellowstone’s latest share to their official Instagram. Within, cable’s #1 drama shares a spectacular sunset shot of Beth Dutton as she stares into the soul of the one she loves: Rip Wheeler.

While these two are, without a doubt, some of the most volatile characters on television, fans can’t help but share in their love. One broken soul cherishing another is something many ‘Yellowstone’ fans can relate to and root for. And there is no better example of this than Rip & Beth finally deciding to act on their love for one another.

Check out the gorgeous shot below, and remind yourself why we’re all rooting so damn hard for ‘Yellowstone’s most incredible couple:

If you’re having trouble viewing the sunset photo, you can follow ‘Yellowstone’s official Instagram here.

‘Yellowstone’s Long-Awaited Engagement: Will Rip & Beth Get to Tie the Knot?

It’s the question on every fan’s mind. While these two have finally set their engagement – and are all set with Papa John Dutton’s blessing – will they actually get to marry? So, so many lives are up in the air after that riveting Season 3 finale. Beth is of the utmost concern for fans, too… How could anyone live through that? And if they do, will things be the same?

Only Season 4 will tell. Until then, we have the bunkhouse boys to get us through it all.

In the latest installment of ‘Yellowstone’s “Stories from the Bunkhouse,” Paramount Network has the bunkhouse boys – Ryan (Ian Bohen), Colby (Denim Richards) and Jimmy (Jefferson White) – planning Beth and Rip’s wedding.

Boys will be boys, however, and as such: the bachelor party is top priority.

“What would Lloyd’s bachelor party for Rip look like?” Jimmy’s Jefferson White wonders.

Bohen adds that Lloyd (Forrie J. Smith) will be in the bunkhouse, “just like pinning up one ribbon, you know, standing on a stool with the spikes in his mouth, and like, extra beer.”

“It would be like the same bunkhouse,” Colby’s Denim Richards laughs. “With just one little weird ribbon.”

“But like nothing is different!” Bohen chuckles.

As for the wedding itself, the bunkhouse boys are remaining as coy as ‘Yellowstone’ itself. No actual details are spilled, but Jefferson white definitely thinks Jimmy is catering the affair.

“Pretty sure…” he pips. What a crew.

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