‘Yellowstone’ TV Drops ‘TBT’ of Brecken Merrill’s Tate That Has Us in Disbelief at How Much He’s Grown Since Then

by Jon D. B.

How is this baby child a teenager now? Look at him! Brecken Merrill was such a tiny little dude for the first season of Yellowstone.

But as the show is sharing on social media Thursday, those days are gone. Merrill has grown up before our eyes… Now he’s a lanky teenager!

Or, as fan Jessica B. puts it in the comments over on Twitter: “Tate is going to be college by the time season 4 drops…”

Classic. Check out the show’s “#TBT to season 1 Tate!” courtesy of their official Twitter account below, and see just how tiny Tate was for yourself:

Fan Anita comments that “Yellowstone will be his, one day!”

And Yellowstone follower Loree simply shouts: “Adorable!!” He truly was.

Over on Instagram, the show has the same shot up Thursday. Fans are having a fit over tiny Tate there, too, of course.

“He’s basically gonna be a grown man by the time season 4 comes out!” says fan Paige. Yeah, yeah, we know, Season 4 is taking a while. But it’ll be here in the Fall, people – and well worth the wait!

Follower Heather adds that Merrill is, “an absolute joy to watch. Great little actor!” with fellow fan Steph calling him a, “little cutiepie ! Can’t wait for the show to come back!”

Yet no comments we’ve seen top this one, left by Yellowstone fan “Rustic Water”:

“With the wait, Tate is probably 23 now, just graduated from University of Montana with an electrical engineering degree, engaged to someone from a different state cause the only girls in Darby seem to be Beth and a handful of local females probably not his type and working with NASA cause the Ranch was just too much drama for him…”

Rustic Water, Instagram

Now there’s a spinoff idea.

‘Yellowstone’s Brecken Merrill to Attend ‘Performing Arts School’

For those like fan Steph above who adore Brecken’s acting, we’ve got some good news! Or the actor does, rather. According to the young man himself, his “back to school” prep this year has him gearing up for something really exciting!

Over on his official Instagram, Brecken Merrill tells fans he is “All set for back to school! I’m happy to have been accepted into the same performing arts school as my big sister!”

“I fully intend to be taller than her by the end of the year,” he concludes. Which, as we know, is already happening rapidly. We’ve said it a hundred times, but the young actor is sprouting like a weed! Oh, how fast they grow up.

For proof, head on over to our coverage of Merrill’s post to see him alongside his older sister here.

Apparently, there’s a secret to his growth spurt(s), too. Last month, Merrill told Yellowstone fans that he’s grown “fueled by a steady diet of Choco Chimps and donuts!”

What a treasure he is. He cites this diet as to why he “was a good 4 inches taller!” for Season 3 than he was for Season 2.

Tiny or not, we’re eager to see what Brecken Merrill brings for Season 4 come Fall 2021.