‘Yellowstone’ TV: Are the Duttons Going to Be in Control of Entire State of Montana in Season 4?

by Halle Ames

Is the Dutton family going to take over the whole state of Montana by the end of Yellowstone Season four? Quite possibly.

Let’s be honest, the Dutton’s pretty much have a hand in everything that goes on in the Big Sky state, and what’s stopping them from expanding that control even more?

As of right now, the Yellowstone, owned by the Dutton family for generations, is the largest ranch in Montana. I mean, the property is roughly the size of Rhode Island. How can you not let the power go to your head?

But despite everything, John does it so his family can live in peace. He isn’t pulling strings for the fame or the wealth. He simply wasn’t to be left alone and pass on the Yellowstone to his children.

But here is how things could potentially play out to make John Dutton the ultimate puppet master in Montana. One should note that all of these scenarios would include everyone surviving the potential assassinations at the end of season three. So if everyone is alive and well, here is how we could see it playing out.

Yellowstone Hypothetical Power Breakout

First, the family gets back on good terms with Jamie, who is the Attorney General of the state. That has to be your first move because if the law is on your side, then so is the rest.

Next, when Governor Perry, who is already in bed with the Duttons… literally, is done with her term, Kayce can take her place. The idea was already brought to the youngest Dutton after he did such an excellent job at being the livestock commissioner. And the people (and fans) love him! He is a shoo-in.

Once Kayce is running the state and Jamie is the law, they must appoint a new livestock commissioner. John has already resigned from the role, and Rip technically doesn’t exist, so he cannot be named commissioner. So, we think that bunkhouse cowboy Ryan should take over. He is already a livestock agent, so he knows what the role entails, and he is loyal to the Yellowstone as a branded man. It would be the perfect promotion.

Now that Kayce is busy running the whole freakin’ state, and John is overseeing everything, Rip can run the ranch, as he has pretty much done for years. He grew up there and is the most loyal person on the show.

We’re still trying to decide what to do with Beth. She was an emotional terrorist without an actual acting position thus far. I think we are just going to have her keep terrorizing enemies of the Yellowstone. She is a business genius. Even Willa Hayes knows that. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! Keep on ruining lives, Beth! We support you fully. Might we request a marriage soon, though?

If all these factors were to fall in place, John Dutton and the Yellowstone would be unstoppable. What airport? What ski resort? Honestly, what issues? Everything is being ruled by one roof. One family of bad*ss individuals.