‘Yellowstone’ TV: Is It the Duttons Fault People Trespass on the Ranch?

by Thad Mitchell

Fans of hit Paramount Network hit series “Yellowstone” are giddy with excitement over the upcoming fourth season.

With the show on hiatus for at least a few more months, fans are taking to social media and online message boards to talk about the show. The internet is full of theories regarding the upcoming season which will begin this season.

With the previous season ending on a sour note, fans are speculating on who might be dead and who is still alive. The show revolves powerful Montana ranching family, the Duttons, and their ranch, which is one of the biggest in the state.

The Duttons go to great lengths to protect their ranch including killing their enemies. The family must deal with everything from bears to powerful organizations trying to run them off the property. They also must deal with trespassers who seem to not know the meaning of “Private Property.”

Yellowstone Ranch Under Protection of Dutton Family

There are several instances on the show in which the Duttons must deal with intruders. A reddit user recently points out a few of these situations for discussion amongst the online community.

“Every single person gets defensive and indignant over being confronted about (trespassing),” the Reddit users says. It is infuriating. Do they not have PRIVATE PROPERTY signs on the fence?”

The poster cites the group of Asian tourists from the first season and motorcycle gang from the third season as examples. The Duttons, especially John, are extremely protective of their land and often confront trespassers and asks them to kindly leave — the first time. If the trespasser does not obey the command — well that is when things get interesting.

Other Reddit posters point out it’s nothing out of the ordinary and many private property owners must defend themselves.

Toting a gun, John tries to get the bear-gazing tourists to leave his property, warning them the bear is dangerous. When they refuse to leave, John pulls out his badge and forces them to leave.

In another instance, a biker club passing through finds Yellowstone Ranch as a good resting stop. This leads to an all-out brawl between the bikers and Yellowstone ranch hands.

One thing is for sure — The Duttons and their crew know how to take a care of business when push comes to shove.

Season Four of Modern Western Series Approaching

As we left season three, we have seen the Duttons have better days as each family member came under attack in the last episode. Family patriarch John Dutton, played brilliantly by Kevin Costner, was last seen being shot by an unknown person as he helped a family fix a flat tire. It isn’t yet known if John is dead or alive, but viewers speculate his cell phone may have been his saving grace. The phone was tucked into his shirt pocket and appeared to have absorbed some of the bullets. His son, Kayce, and daughter, Beth, also came under siege during the finale. The final episode came to a close without revealing their fates.

Yellowstone fans won’t have much longer to wait for answers and it’s probably a safe bet that the ranch will see trespassers this season.