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‘Yellowstone’ TV: The Duttons Make One Major Mistake Any Time They Do Something ‘Sketchy’

by Halle Ames
Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom

Do John Duttons and the rest of his cowboys make one significant mistake every time they do something deemed “sketchy” on Yellowstone?

If you are going to be sketchy and do illegal things, you have to make sure you are sneaky about it. You have to blend in and use nothing that can be seen as incriminating. No, I am not speaking from experience, but I do love crime shows.

And what do the Duttons use almost every time they dump a body or release a massive bull into a packed bar? They use trucks with the darn Yellowstone logo smacked right on the side. Come on. This should be criminal 101!

Rookie Mistake

One Reddit user and Yellowstone fan points out how foolish the Duttons are for using the easily distinguishable vehicles to do their dirty work.

“Has anyone else noticed that when they’re doing something sketchy like cremating Lee’s body, going to the train station, or Jaime taking Beth to the reservation, they always use trucks and trailers with the ranch logo on the side?”

One person comments below, noting why the Yellowstone has the “Y” on the trucks in the first place.

“Companies who use equipment like that often mark it with their logo. The ranch is a large business, and it helps increase brand awareness. It also helps identify it as their property.”

I don’t know if “brand awareness” is what we are going for when hauling a load of dead and mutilated bodies across state lines to dump off a cliff—just saying. Also, it’s not like anyone in the whole state of Montana doesn’t know who John Dutton and his band of bad*ss cowboys are. The man owns enough land to cover the state of Rhode Island.

Another Yellowstone fan jumps in to name more times the ranch has been careless with their actions.

“Or abducting Dan on the street in broad daylight using two of their trucks. They should use unmarked trucks and SUVs that are registered to dummy corporations and stored off of the ranch.”

Don’t Mess with the Yellowstone

But according to this Reddit user, not giving a darn may be part of the Yellowstone brand. The large yellow “Y” is kind of like a police sticker. Do not mess with these people, or you are in some serious trouble.

“I think they leave it there on purpose, no F’s given, and they want to make a statement. The part I always found funny is where they live, and every truck in every scene looks like it’s been detailed.”

However, I’m not sure criminal is a brand you want to be showing off. I understand using the cars to go beat someone up. Like, this is who we are, do not mess with us.

However, hauling dead bodies is a different kind of criminal. We are talking about misdemeanors compared to felonies and prison time. Not a good look on Yellowstone’s part. Consider a mystery machine.