‘Yellowstone’ TV: Will Duttons Seek Revenge or Simply Try to Survive in Season 4?

by Halle Ames

In the wake of season four of Yellowstone premiering in less than a month, social media has chimed in with their opinions on how the season will go.

Chaos hit the fan in Yellowstone’s third season. Three attacks, one self-induced injury, and so many suspects.

Since the minute the episode ended, fans have been contemplating every last detail of the series and if there is a deeper meaning behind it. We have also given our never-ending opinions on how season four of Yellowstone will play out.

Reddit Gives Their Yellowstone Predictions

A Reddit thread didn’t hold back with their opinions on the show. They also touch on who else is a potentially sketchy character.

“Does anybody remember what the guy that cleans the blood out of the horse trailer told Jamie if he said for Jamie helping him, he will return the favor no matter what it is🤯?”

This fan didn’t love how tensions went from zero to 100 in the finale. In addition, if this situation happens, they are calling it quits on Yellowstone.

“I felt that the last episode escalated rather quickly. How do you go from “remember Dubai” to blowing sh*t up and putting hits on people? I think the whole season will be more of a “whodunit” with flashbacks to how everything came together. Like a Guy Richie movie. Except for Jimmy. He better open his eyes, say “ouch” and get up. Or I might be done with this show.”

Finally, if all the attacks turn out to be perfectly timed and unrelated, it may be a little far-fetched.

“If there are different, unrelated as to motive, attackers, who choose to attack different, but related Duttons, at exactly the same time; I am calling “Shenanigans! “- all rights reserved.”

Outsider Opinion

In our expert, Outsider, and dedicated Yellowstone fan opinion, here is how we think season four will play out. Again, these are opinions, so don’t shoot the messenger if every one of these predictions are incorrect.

First, I feel as though John Dutton will survive because he was up and moving, however, severely injured. Also, he is the star of the whole series. You cannot just kill him off! This isn’t Game of Thrones! Furthermore, the kid that was hiding in the grass can probably aid him in flagging down a car for help.

We also feel as though Kayce will survive due to his military background. That man is literally trained to live and take out bad guys. Send a whole militia his way. Easy. He will take them out.

Beth Dutton is the wild card, and we teeter on the fence about what will happen to her. On one hand, she is a staple of the show and one of the only main women. However, on the other hand, this would give Rip a motive to go on a rampage. And how does anyone survive an explosion from a few feet away?

Who did it? Our senses tell us that Market Equities is to blame only because all the other suspects aren’t evil enough to try and take out three people without remorse.

Back on the Yellowstone ranch, we feel as though Jimmy will not die but be seriously injured all over again. This will lead to him having to quit rodeoing permanently.