‘Yellowstone’ TV: Eagle-Eyed Fan Drops Bombshell Theory About Jamie Dutton Potentially Taking Down Market Equities

by Halle Ames

Is Jamie Dutton not nearly as spineless as we originally thought he was? Is “Yellowstone” planning to throw us for a loop once again?

Ahh, yes, the unknown world of “Yellowstone” and our never-ending theories.

However, this prediction may actually have some depth to it. Well… it’s at least not the craziest one we have heard yet.

Is Jamie Dutton not the wormy, deceiving, hateful character we have thought he was this whole time? Is Jamie currently disguised as a double agent and secretly going to take down Market Equities himself with his newfound power as Montana’s Attorney General? Are we sure Jamie Dutton is even capable of that? Maybe John is in on this deal and has to pretend to be angry with his oldest living son to really throw the powerful company off their trail?

These are all very plausible theories.

Reddit Gives Hope For Jamie Dutton

One eagle-eyed “Yellowstone” fan took to Reddit to highlight one moment in the show’s season three finale that may be the hint we simply overlooked.

“Did anyone notice, in E3E10, the scene in Jamie’s office, how he treated Willa? As he got up and seemed to walk toward her, Willa held out her hand to him and greeted him. Jamie walked right past her, didn’t even acknowledge her, and offered his hand in greeting to the Governor entering behind Willa. Whoa, hold the phone! Willa was momentary, “Huh?” I think that snub raises a whole bunch of questions about how Jamie now thinks of Willa and her entourage. I think he’s got some scheme brewing that might knock Willa and Market Equities for a loop in S4. Can’t wait to see if my guess pans out or not.”

Oh, neither can we!

But is this the evidence we need to not write off Jamie Dutton as the worst character on “Yellowstone”? Is all hope not gone for the adopted son, and could he actually save the ranch? Say it isn’t so! Don’t call it a comeback!

Furthermore, the social media user also noted a very minor detail that we also may have missed concerning Willa Hayes.

“And, did anyone hear the seated Governor refer to Willa as ‘Mrs. Hayes’? She has a hubby?!?!? Either he has bird balls or he’s the scariest man on the planet.”

Oh gosh. A MR. HAYES! Is this a scary, bad*ss family duo? Is there little baby Hayes’s running around somewhere that we should be worried about?

Jamie Dutton, now you have our hopes up. You better not let us down! Save the ranch. Save your reputation. Heck, save my sanity!!