‘Yellowstone’ TV: Eagle-Eyed Fans Spot Backstory Clue Hinting at Monica Being Behind Dutton Attacks

by Katie Maloney

The “Yellowstone” season three finale left the fate of the Dutton family hanging in the air. John Dutton was left by the side of the road after being shot several times. A bomb went off in Beth Dutton‘s office. And Kayce Dutton was ambushed by a group of assassins. Obviously, fans are wondering if the Duttons will survive the attacks. But they’re also asking another question – who is responsible for these brutal attacks?

There certainly isn’t a shortage of potential suspects. Market Equities, a rival business group, led by Willa Hayes and Roarke were not happy when John teamed up with Chief Rainwater to protect the Dutton ranch and surrounding land. Perhaps, they could have orchestrated the attacks. They certainly have the money and power to do so.

However, other fans believe that Jamie Dutton could be behind the incident. After all, he was the only adult Dutton family member who wasn’t attacked. He was also the recipient of a lot of family hate that ultimately led John Dutton to reveal that Jamie isn’t actually his biological son. Jamie then reconnected with his actual father, a criminal. Could Jamie’s biological father have convinced Jamie to attack his family so that he can take control of the ranch and family wealth?

Could Monica Be Responsible For The Attacks On The Duttons During The ‘Yellowstone’ Season Three Finale?

All of that is possible. Yet, there is another suspect being pulled into a conspiracy theory by fans. That character is Monica Dutton. Monica hasn’t at all been at the forefront of suspect discussions. But a new fan theory has “Yellowstone” fans questioning her motives. Obviously, fans last saw Monica at the ranch and on the phone with Kayce as he was attacked by gunmen. Monica yells into the phone as she hears gunshots and her conversation with Kayce is cut short. Her reaction really seems like she had no idea what was happening to her husband.

However, now fans are wondering if Monica was acting the whole time.

“Everyone is trying to figure out who killed who,” wrote a Reddit user on a “Yellowstone” thread. “But a theory of mine, if all the Duttons except Monica die, Monica gets the land. And could give it back to the natives… since she believes no-one should own all that land.”

Although this theory seems unlikely to anyone who may be a Monica fan, it does explain why little Tate Dutton was spared. If a villainous group was set to take out all the Duttons so that the land could be sold, then they would have no problem getting rid of Tate as well.

If Monica was behind the attacks, of course, she’d spare her son. Maybe Jamie and Monica acted together in planning the attacks? There’s only one way to find out, and that’s to wait for the “Yellowstone” season four premiere this Fall.