‘Yellowstone’ TV: Eden Brolin Auditioned for Different Role Before Being Cast as Jimmy’s Barrel-Racing Girlfriend ‘Mia’

by Katie Maloney

Actress, Eden Brolin, who plays Mia on Yellowstone, instantly captured Jimmy’s heart on the show. But she originally auditioned for a different role.

It’s always wildly fascinating to hear how films and television shows are cast. So many actors audition for one role but receive a completely different part, and that part ends up making their careers. Actress Eden Brolin had a similar experience when she auditioned for Yellowstone. During a video for the behind-the-scenes series Stories from the Bunkhouse, Brolin revealed which part she originally read for during her audition.

“I auditioned for Teeter. And then like six months later or something, Mia came in. And it was easy as that,” said Brolin.

She added that one of her favorite days on set since she’s started was her very first day.

“One of the highlights for me was day one…That day went so swimmingly. I had the nervous jitters of the century and we got to have a really good day,” said Brolin.

One of Brolin’s first scenes is a steamy scene with Jimmy while he’s recovering in the hospital. Brolin said that Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan actually called her to check that she was okay with the content.

“I did get a call from Taylor saying you have a pretty naughty scene, are you okay with that? And I said, ‘Yea, I’m on Yellowstone. I’m okay with that. I’ll take my pants off if I get to be on Yellowstone,'” joked Brolin.

Yellowstone Actress Hassie Harrison Says Barrel Racers Are ‘Like Rockstars’

Eden Brolin’s character Mia introduces another character to the group, Laramie. Together, the two take the Dutton ranch bunkhouse by storm. During the same video, Hassie Harrison who plays Laramie on the show, talked about the “interesting dynamic” between the girls and the men in bunkhouse.

“I think more than anything, it’s just honoring what [Taylor] Sheridan writes to the pages,” said Harrison. “The juxtaposition of our kind of like wild, carefree irreverent energy with how serious and dropped in you guys are. And what an operation you guys got going on, it’s a really interesting dynamic.”

She also talked about how, as barrel racers, she and Brolin’s characters on Yellowstone embody the rock star lifestyle.

“People who are familiar with the rodeo world, barrel racers are kind of like rockstars. They tour around the country, they live out of these trailers, they sleep in motels. They’re just trying to have a laugh and a good time wherever they go.”

One thing Yellowstone fans know for sure, both Laramie and Mia certainly add more good times and lighten the mood at the bunkhouse.