‘Yellowstone’ TV: Eden Brolin Talks About Growing Up as Daughter of ‘Goonies’ Legend Josh Brolin

by Katie Maloney

Yellowstone Actress Eden Brolin talks about what it was like growing up with a famous dad.

Yellowstone actress Eden Brolin who plays Mia on the show has been around show business for her entire life. Her father, Josh Brolin, made a career from films including The Goonies, No Country For Old Men, Deadpool, and more. So Eden is no stranger to the spotlight. But, did she always know that she wanted to be a famous actress? During a recent interview, Eden opened up about what it was like growing up in a famous family.

“No, I didn’t know,” said Eden on whether or not she always knew she wanted to be an actress. “I was always kind of curious about it. But you can say that about so many generations and so many different industries. It’s one of those things that feels kind of hard to avoid when that’s something you know. And yet, I grew up sort of distanced from it, so I had more of a curiosity around it that sort of curated this interest in what it was to be a part of making movies and TV.”

She added that her curiosity is what has helped her throughout her career.

“And I think that curiosity is sort of sustained today,” said Eden. “I think curiosity kind of keeps it interesting rather than this need for ‘go, go, go, I want these roles. I want to do this.’ I’m kind of enjoying just seeing how the path continues and being able to be useful as people can find me useful. And being able to tell stories.”

In addition to her work on Yellowstone, Eden has also played Charlie Singer on Freeform’s Beyond. Additionally, she played Susan Atkins in the Lifetime movie Manson’s Lost Girls. Most recently, she played Johanna in the 2020 crime thriller Arkansas. The movie has been a pivotal role in her career. She starred in the movie alongside Vince Vaughn, Liam Hemsworth, and Clark Duke.

Eden Brolin talks about growing up in a famous family

Eden Brolin Auditioned for Another Part On ‘Yellowstone’ Before Landing Her Role as Mia

Eden’s curiosity brought her to a season three Yellowstone casting call. But she didn’t start by auditioning for the role of Mia. Instead, she actually tried out for Teeter first. During a video for the behind-the-scenes series Stories from the Bunkhouse, Brolin revealed how she came to play Mia on Yellowstone.

“I auditioned for Teeter. And then like six months later or something, Mia came in. And it was easy as that,” said Brolin.

Wow, if everything was as easy as that on Yellowstone, the Duttons would have far less problems.