‘Yellowstone’ TV Encourages Fans to Take ‘Soothing Visit’ to the Ranch in Honor of ‘Mental Health Action’ Day

by Thad Mitchell

Today (Thursday) is “Mental Health Action” day in the U.S. and “Yellowstone” producers are reminding fans to make a little time for themselves.

Mental Health Action day was created to raise awareness regarding mental health issues that plague millions of people. With a deadly pandemic hovering above our heads, medical experts say mental health awareness is more critical than ever. The event was created to remind and encourage people to take extra care of their mental health with a variety of methods. Many social media accounts are also urging people to self-evaluate and seek assistance if need be.

Count “Yellowstone” among those seeking to help out individuals struggling with mental health issues. While some issues are bigger than others, everyone could use a little break and some positivity in their lives. In an effort to provide fans with a little clarity and relaxation, “Yellowstone”‘s social media page invites you to take a soothing trip around the ranch. Included in the post is a link to a youtube video that provides a tour around the ranch. The video is complete with soft and soothing music in an effort to invite watchers to clear their minds.

“Today is Mental Health Action Day!” the post’s caption space reads. “Need a break from the world? Sit back, relax, tap the link in our bio and enjoy a soothing visit to Yellowstone Ranch.”

Yellowstone Ranch Video Provides Tranquility

The post includes a photo of a man guiding his horse around the ranch as the sun sets. A link to the therapeutic “Yellowstone” video can be found here. The video is indeed quite soothing with scenes from around Yellowstone Ranch and the beautiful Montana landscape.

In predictable “Yellowstone” fan fashion, many used the post’s comments section to ask when we might get a trailer for the new season. The fourth season of “Yellowstone” is only weeks away but we have yet to see any promotional items.

“What would be soothing would be a season 4 trailer,” an Instagram user said.

 “You could release the trailer for next season to save our mental health!” another “Yellowstone” fan commented.

“Yellowstone” fans have a valid point with their desire for anything related to the upcoming fourth season. We still don’t have an official release date though the show’s producer says it will premiere next month.

Hang in there “Yellowstone” fans — hopefully good news is on the horizon.