‘Yellowstone’ TV: Everything We Don’t Know About Spinoff Prequel ‘Y:1883,’ But Desperately Need To

by Katie Maloney

If Yellowstone season one Beth Dutton was a spin-off series, she’d be Y: 1883, and we’re Rip Wheeler, just hopelessly trying to figure her out.

Paramount recently released a 10-second trailer for their new Yellowstone spin-off series, Yellowstone: 1883. And now we have all the questions. In true Yellowstone fashion, the 10- second trailer left us with just enough information to make us drool over the new series, but not enough to give away any details. Now, we’re putting all our questions on the table and surrendering to the Paramount gods in hopes that we’ll get some answers soon.

Paramount, are you listening? Here’s everything we want to know about the series.

Yellowstone: 1883 trailer.

Everything We Want To Know About Yellowstone: 1883

Who Is The Cast?

Undoubtedly, Yellowstone is an incredible show. But one fan said it best via Twitter when she suggested that the cast is what makes the show so successful. The fan wrote, “Anxious to hear the cast announcements. I believe so much of the reason Yellowstone works so well is the cast. Can that magic be captured a 2nd time?”

Well, Paramount, can you find another all-star cast for Yellowstone: 1883? We’re ready for any and all casting details.

When Will The Series Premiere?

Reports suggest that the series may premiere in Summer 2021. But an official premiere date has not yet been released. Our binge-watching calendars are booking up fast so we need to know when to pencil in Yellowstone: 1883. It’s been less than a week since the trailer was released, so we’re hoping for more details about the show within the next few weeks.

This is a big one. Avid Yellowstone fans love the show’s stars. So, we are certain that no one would mind watching their favorite actor in the spin-off series. However, it seems unlikely that any of Yellowstone‘s current stars will play new characters in the spin-off series. The reason for this lies in the concept of the spin-off. Because the show takes place in 1883 and follows the Dutton ancestors, it wouldn’t really make sense for any of the current actors to star in the show.

That said, some fans are wondering if the two series will work together. Could it be possible that Yellowstone: 1883 will cut back and forth between the Dutton ancestors and the modern-day family? This leads us to our final question about the series.

Will There Be Flash Forwards To The Current Yellowstone Ranch?

Now, THIS is something we’d love to see. How are our favorite characters influenced by their ancestors without even realizing it? Are there any family personality traits that have been passed on through the years? Was there a previous headstrong Dutton woman whose storyline parallels the themes Beth is currently facing? Just thinking about these questions is getting us pumped for the show.

Regardless of the details, we’re looking forward to the show. We’ve all seen how the modern-day Dutton’s handle pressure – and they all have internet and running water. So, we’re stoked to see how the ancestral Duttons navigate family drama while traversing the Great Plains of the wild west in 1883.