‘Yellowstone’ TV: Everything to Know About the Morbid ‘Train Station’

by Halle Ames

Throughout numerous episodes of Yellowstone, you always hear of usually Rip taking people to the train station, but what does that mean? Where do they really go?

Remember when you were younger, and your parents told you your favorite dog went to the farm and you would never see them again. That’s what the train station is, the big farm in the sky

Where is the Yellowstone Train Station

This version of the train station has a location, however. Just across the state line from Montana to Wyoming lies a cliff. At the bottom of this cliff lay numerous skeletons where the Duttons leave anyone that gets in their way or tries to leave the ranch after seeing too much. 

As Lloyd and Kayce take Walker to the train station and get to their destination, Walker looks over the cliff into the dark, bottomless pit. Lloyd warns the ex-felon about the odds of his body ever being found, saying in that part of Wyoming, it’s “a county with no people, no sheriff and no 12 jurors of your peers.” 

Run. Fast. 

When hatching a plan as to what the Duttons are going to do with the bodies of Wade and his son, Clint, John Dutton gives Rip and Kayce strict instructions to dispose of the men the proper way. 

“You be smart about this. Figure out a plan that works, and you take that trash to the f*cking train station.” 

Warning. This video contains explicit language, but if you watch the show, you are already very aware of this. 

Shortly after, Wade finds a knife in his chest as the bunkhouse men cut off the Yellowstone brand that sits on his chest. 

Even in season one, we saw the massive ranch hand named Fred take a bullet between the eyes. He then felling back into the abyss. 

So for future reference, try your luck on the shoelace express and skip on the ride to the “train station.”