‘Yellowstone’ TV: Everything to Know About Garrett Randall Actor Will Patton

by Jon D. B.

The actor behind Yellowstone‘s Garret Randall has a long, storied history playing villains opposite Kevin Costner’s hero.

Ah, Garrett Randall. What a rapscallion (see: murderer). As the true biological father to John Dutton’s adopted son, Jamie, Randall’s presence in Yellowstone comes as a shock to audiences in multiple ways. And once you familiarize yourself with the actor behind the role, you’ll find he’s been brilliant at making viewers uncomfortable for a long, long time.

That actor is, of course, Will Patton. Patton was born in Charleston, South Carolina in 1954 to a quaint southern family. His father, Bill Patton, was known as a playwright, actor, director, and Lutheran minister. With acting in his blood, Will would attend the North Carolina School of the Arts. He would later train at the Actor’s Studio, as well as the Open Theatre in New York.

Throughout his illustrious career, Patton has obviously made a name for himself on the stage, just by these credentials above. In fact, his theatre work has won him two OBIE awards for Best Actor.

Perhaps the most fascinating tidbit from Patton’s Broadway success comes courtesy of IMDb. The database cites that upon Will Patton’s exit from an off-Broadway production of Fool for Love, his understudy had to step up and take over the role. That understudy? Bruce Willis.

From ‘No Way Out’ to ‘Yellowstone’: The History of Patton vs Costner On-Screen

On film, however, the Yellowstone star typically plays the “right hand man” to a lead character. Or, as audiences will surely remember, Patton will be cast in a villainous role. And this is where he truly makes his presence known.

Diehard Kevin Costner fans will be among the first to recognize Will Patton in Yellowstone, too. Although his Garrett Randall and Costner’s John Dutton have yet to properly square off in the show, these two characters are now directly pitted against one another through their “shared” son: the problematic Jamie Dutton. And once Randall & JD clash, it’ll be the third time they’ve done so on-screen.

First, Patton played Costner’s nemesis in No Way Out way back in 1987. In the military thriller, Costner’s heroic Tom Farrell squares off against – you guessed it – Patton’s nefarious, murdering Scott Pritchard.

Then, exactly a decade later, the two would reunite for The Postman in 1997. Patton again plays the villain to Costner’s hero, with the future Yellowstone stars’ face-off the main driving force of the film.

For Postman, Will Patton would be nominated for a Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actor for his work as the film’s lead villain, General Bethlehem.

Audiences will also remember Patton as Coach Bill Yoast in Remember the Titans, as well as “Chick” in 1998’s beloved Armageddon – in which he would reunite with his former Broadway understudy, Bruce Willis.

“I love things where I can be physical and I so love high stakes, and you usually don’t get that unless you’re doing a play or an action movie,” IMDb quotes of the Yellowstone star’s choices in roles.

And when he’s not chasing those high stakes, Will Patton can be found narrating audiobooks. The actor has well over 40 audiobooks under his belt.

Audiences will catch him next in Yellowstone Season 4 come Summer 2021.