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‘Yellowstone’ TV: Everything to Know About Hassie Harrison, the Actress Behind Laramie

by Jacklyn Krol
Rich Fury, Getty Images

Meet the newest star of Yellowstone, Hassie Harrison. Learn all about the soon-to-be fan-favorite actress’ previous roles and life.

The first role that Hassie Harrison landed was on the show L.A. Rangers back in 2014. She portrayed the character of Olivia on the “Brus Brothers” episode. Her first recurring role was on the show Hart of Dixie. She played Lucy in three episodes spanning between 2014 and 2015.

Harrison’s first film was in 2015’s horror film, Southbound, in which she portrayed Jem. In 2016, she entered the music industry by acting in a short film for pop artist Hayley Kiyoko. She portrayed “Bubblegum girl” Sienna in the “Gravel to Tempo” video.

Although she is on Yellowstone, during the same time she also filmed Tacoma FD. She portrayed Lucy McConky in the first and second seasons of the hit Tru TV show which was based on firefighters battling boredom. Her first lead role happened in 2020’s film, Back to Lyla, in which she portrayed Lyla.

Hassie Harrison on ‘Yellowstone’

Harrison’s role on Yellowstone, isn’t a far stretch for her since she grew up in the countryside.

“I grew up in Texas around this cowboy culture,” Hassie Harrison told Meaww. “So I knew I had an easy way into this character. Getting to be a part of a modern-day western and bring Taylor Sheridan’s words to life is something larger than I’d even let myself dream.”

Harrison admitted that the show made her fall in love with the great state of Montana.

“When I first saw Yellowstone, I fantasized about working in Montana,” she shared. “Riding horses, and staring up at the mountains while having a coffee from John Dutton’s porch, but I figured that would never happen. Then one day, I got that impossible call that made all of us chase this crazy dream in the first place.”

All About Hassie

Hassie Harrison was born on March 20, 1990 in Dallas, Texas. Her mother was involved with the Dallas Children’s Theatre which inspired her passion.

“So growing up, I was always taking classes and going to plays,’ she told Popculturalist. “I think I always knew this was going to be a part of my life’s path. My love of film also brought me here. I saw all these actors living it up and I wanted in on the fun!”

Harrison attended a Los Angeles drama school to study acting before later living in Copenhagen to study European cinema. Additionally, she told Just Jared, that she went to college when she was just fifteen!

Hassie Harrison is 5 foot 6 inches and is left-handed, but ambidextrous when it comes to sports. She has three sisters and according to her social media is close with her family.

When asked by Backstage what advice she would give to her younger self, she would have been “gentler” to herself.

“This is such an unusual career field, and we all have very unique trajectories,” she explained. “In the beginning, I would do the classic compare-and-despair, which never really served me—or anyone else, for that matter. It took me a bit longer to find my momentum.”

Although she struggled with comparing herself, at the end of the day it helped her become more confident. One of her go to mantras to survive in the entertainment industry is from Finding Nemo is to “Just keep swimming!”

She hopes to continue evolving in her acting career and even has a few favorite fellow actors that would be a dream to star alongside.

“There are so many actors I want to work with,” she told Watchtivist. “I should say I would squeal at the opportunity to work with! I really love Michael K. Williams, Rachel Weisz is a favorite, Sam Rockwell, Shea Whigham.”

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