‘Yellowstone’ TV: Everything We Can Learn From the ‘Calm Before the Storm’ Season 4 Teaser

by Thad Mitchell

The quickly approaching brand new season of the Paramount Network’s “Yellowstone” has fans of the show on pins and needles.

“Yellowstone” continues teasing its massive fan base with short teaser trailers meant to whet the appetite of watchers. The show has now put out a couple of these teaser trailers with the latest coming only a couple of days ago. There isn’t a whole lot to be gleaned from the short video clips but fans are definitely searching for hidden messages.

The one thing that each of the “Yellowstone” teasers has in common is violence and death. The videos display a message proclaiming that “Every. Body. Pays.” that has fans searching for clues. Notice how the phrase is written with periods following every single word. If we can learn something from these trailers — it is that season four is likely to be the show’s bloodiest yet.

The latest “Yellowstone” teaser trailer was put out on Friday and it has the show’s fans in an uproar. There are no words in the 30-second clip, but the trailer says a lot. Let’s take a look and analyze what the trailer could mean.

The clip starts by focusing on a gently running and peaceful stream. A gunshot is heard in the distance as ominous music begins to play in the background. A white cowboy hat can then be seen rushing down the creek with a pool of blood following not far behind. The implication, of course, is that someone has just been murdered and their body disposed of in the shallow creek.

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Share Theories on Trailer

The obvious question to ask here is just who got shot and is now floating down an obscure body of water. Let’s take a look at that hat once more. Who wears a slightly larger white cowboy around Yellowstone Ranch? That would be trouble-making ranch hand, Walker.

It would make sense for Walker to be killed in the upcoming season. He’s escaped sure death a few times, including a trip to the train station when he was spared by Kayce Dutton. Perhaps Walker has run afoul of Rip Wheeler one too many times and sealed his fate. That would certainly not be a surprise to anyone.

Another interesting theory states the hat could belong to Malcolm Beck, the second season’s primary antagonist. While most think Beck dies at the end of season two, viewers don’t actually see his death on screen. It is only assumed that he is killed in the finale. Hopefully, we have all learned our lesson about assuming anything when it comes to “Yellowstone.”

Another theory suggests Roarke Morris is the dead man pushed into the stream. If you recall, we first meet Roarke when he is fly fishing in a Montana creek. He’s also spoken about his love of the sport. Perhaps Morris is taken out while participating in the activity that requires you to stand in the water.