‘Yellowstone’ Exclusive: Kevin Costner Gave Brent Walker a Real ‘Bruising’ for Diner Fight Scene

by Jon D. B.

In this exclusive interview, Yellowstone actor Brent Walker (of Clint Morrow fame) relives the “bruising” he took from co-star and Hollywood icon Kevin Costner.

Yellowstone Season 3, Episode 7’s title – “The Beating” – was an apt one for Brent Walker. As the younger half of the villainous Morrow father/son duo, his Clint Morrow took quite the, well, beating from Kevin Costner’s John Dutton at a local diner.

“Yeah, it was probably half a day, I’d say,” Walker recalls of that “fun” and “brutal” call as part of our recent sit-down with the actor. “Man, it was a long one,” he laughs. “We shot that where… He throws me down onto the ground. And it’s a hard cement floor. They originally had the stunt padding everywhere, but it didn’t look right.”

Which, of course, means taking one for the team. And take one – or two dozen – Brent Walker did.

“The stunt coordinator (Yellowstone‘s Jason Rodriguez) asked me if I wanted padding to go under my clothes, but I was like ‘Nah, I’m good!'”

At first, “it didn’t hurt at all,” for the first couple of takes. “Then, after twenty times doing it… You start gettin’ bruised up a bit!”

“I thought, ‘Man, maybe I should’ve taken some of that padding working with Costner!” he laughs of his co-star. “I got quite the bruising.”

It’s hard work that, thankfully, paid off in full. The entire sequence is incredible, and one fans would never know took “twenty” throws of the Clint Morrow actor to land for each angle needed.

Boots Sutherland Praised Brent Walker as he Took His Hits from Kevin Costner on ‘Yellowstone’ Set

Brent Walker as Clint Morrow, Boots Sutherland as Wade Morrow in Yellowstone. (Photo courtesy of Paramount Network.)

“It was a lot of fun to shoot! Boots was sitting right there – and every time Costner would hit me with the whole deal, he’d say ‘Boy, he really hit you that time, didn’t he!'” Walker says with a growl. “He was right there the whole time, so it must’ve looked good enough to him,” he says of co-star Boots Sutherland, who plays his father, Wade Morrow.

Dinner and a show. But Walker’s used to it. He’s done as much stunt work as he has acting for Hollywood, dating back a solid decade before his turn on Yellowstone. In fact, the actor did nearly all of his stunts for Clint Morrow except for that now-iconic death scene in Season 3, Episode 9: “Meaner Than Evil.”

“I did pretty much all my stunts, except for… The first day, when they throw me back over the fence, my stunt guy – Jordan Warrack, amazing guy – came in and he did that,” Walker clarifies. “He’s the one that came off the horse, and that was awesome to watch. I turned into a fan sitting on the sidelines watching that, ’cause it was pretty impressive to see them rig up that stunt.”

“He was coming in moving pretty good!” he recalls of Warrack on horseback. “Then they brought that branch in from the tree… Man… Coming from a running horse right to flat on his back.”

What an exit from Yellowstone canon it was.