‘Yellowstone’ TV: Factual Information on Beth Dutton’s Power of Attorney Status

by Halle Ames

Did this Yellowstone fan actually solve the issue of Beth Dutton’s Power of Attorney status on the ranch?

Who needs a law degree when Yellowstone has such loyal fans to do the dirty digging for us?

On the hit western drama, Beth Dutton attempts to become the Power of Attorney for the massive ranch. Her snakey brother, Jamie, currently holds the position, but due to his dividing loyalties and selfish behavior, Beth acts in the best interest of the property. Jamie, who is a lawyer and recently named Attorney General for the state of Montana, says she cannot legally become the Power of Attorney due to her residential status in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Crash Course on Yellowstone Law

One Reddit fan looked into this “law” a little deeper and found that Yellowstone may have it wrong.

“There has been talking here of the issue of the Power of Attorney Beth filed in Utah NOT being valid in Montana,” recalls 7Ruby18. “Sorry, Taylor, but it should be valid. I finally Googled it and found this info on Legal Zoom.”

According to Legal Zoom and our lovely Yellowstone fans online, Montana falls within the states that abide by The Uniform Power of Attorney Act.

“As of November 2018, the following 26 states have adopted the UPOAA: Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Maine, Maryland, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.”

“The District of Columbia, Mississippi, and South Dakota each introduced legislation in 2018 that, if approved, would adopt the UPOAA. Many other states have enacted power of attorney laws that are not identical to the act but are substantially similar.”

The Reddit user continues, saying that the legal flaw was not going to deter her from watching Yellowstone. She notes that another favorite series of hers exhibited countless issues as well.

“Why is it that we LOVE the show, but we can still point out “glitches”? (Hell, you should’ve seen the tons of pages I compiled of all the boo-boos in the first “Star Wars” film, and I must have seen it over 50 times in the theater).”

Does this mean that Beth Dutton (if she survives) can take the ranch right out from under her adopted brother? John would most likely sign off on the switch. However, we are positive that Jamie would fight the issue.

What will come of the twisted Dutton family? When will we get the answers we so desperately need? Yellowstone, can you hear us? Answer our pleas!