‘Yellowstone’ TV: Familiar Face Appears in New Film ‘Minari’

by Will Shepard

When a show is cast so well, it’s hard to imagine those actors playing any other role. But, it means that those actors are really good at their job. This is the case for Will Patton from Yellowstone.

The Yellowstone actor began playing Garrett Randall in the show towards the end of season 3. Now, though, he is playing an important role in a new, award contending film called Minari.

Even though Patton is technically more a part of the supporting cast, he is taking on an important role in the film. He is playing Paul in Minari. The movie is about a Korean American family who buys a piece of farmland in Arkansas, who then do all they can to keep their heads above water.

During the movie, the head of the family befriends the Yellowstone actor. Patton then helps the family get by, helping them figure out the best ways to deal with their crops.

“Yellowstone’s” Will Patton Is a Well-Rounded Actor

Yellowstone is not the first acting that Will Patton has done in his career. In fact, his career has taken him to movies like Remember the Titans, Armageddon and Gone in 60 Seconds – the remake. His career is certainly still trending up with Minari.

As for television shows that he has been in, they are numerous. Patton has been in Falling SkiesThe Agency, and Swamp Thing. And most importantly for those Yellowstone fans, he has been in two episodes, “Meaner Than Evil” and “The World is Purple.”

Even though his role in Yellowstone thus far is minute, his relationship with the Dutton’s is important. He is Jamie Dutton’s father but has a tumultuous relationship with him. As the show explains, he murdered Jamie’s mother, who apparently was a drug addict. Additionally, he says that killing Jamie’s mother was for Jamie’s own good.

But the Yellowstone actor plays a much different role in Minari. He plays a positive, upbeat farmer who certainly has a heart of gold helping out strangers.

The Golden Globes is on Sunday, and Minari is up for several awards. One, in particular, is the Best Foreign Film. The movie is shaping up to be dominant at the award ceremony. And, for Yellowstone fans, Will Paton is included in an important nomination, Outstanding Cast.