‘Yellowstone’ TV Fan Creates Incredible Gingerbread Version of Dutton Ranch

by Jennifer Shea

Artist Spencer Merolla is a serious fan of “Yellowstone.” And this Christmas, Merolla decided to make a gingerbread replica of the Yellowstone Ranch from the show. 

Gingerbread Version of the Dutton Ranch Barn

“Yellowstone” posted a video of the replica to its Instagram account. The gingerbread version features roof shingles, windows, a gingerbread horse, miniature evergreens and the signature Dutton ranch “Y.”

The Real-Life Ranch

Meanwhile, the real Dutton ranch where “Yellowstone” films is a 5,000-square-foot log mansion known as the Chief Joseph Ranch. According to the New York Post, the ranch got its name from the chief of the Nez Perce tribe. But the tribe didn’t build it. The architectural firm Bates & Gamble built it in 1917 to serve as a summer house for glass tycoon William Ford. 

The mansion is located in Montana. It belongs to a man named Shane Libel and his wife Angela. And “Yellowstone” location manager Mark Jarrett told the Post that they are set to use the house for five seasons.

“The price structure grows with that,” he said. “The deal that we made for the property was a monthly hold with daily fees attached. There would be a daily fee for construction on the property. If we were filming there would be another fee. If it had been any other family, I don’t know if the deal would have happened.”

Jarrett praised the Libels, who actually stayed in the house while the show was filming. So they had to tolerate suspended cables, timbers wrapped in blankets and hung with lights, rubber mats on the floor and construction crews on the property.

The mansion has a cabin on its grounds where series co-creator Taylor Sheridan stays with his family. Further, as for the cast of “Yellowstone,” they stayed in nearby rental properties or hotel rooms.

Overall, the first three seasons of the show have taken place in more than 20 locations throughout Utah and Montana. Those include Salt Lake City, Summit, Weber and Wasatch, per Good Housekeeping. And the interior scenes are shot on three different sound stages at a film studio in Park City.