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‘Yellowstone’ TV Fan Drops Potential ‘Spoiler’ About Shocking Character Behind Dutton Family Attacks

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

For the past several months, “Yellowstone” watchers have had one big question on their minds — just who attacks the Dutton family to close out season three?

It is the biggest question surrounding the show as it prepares to enter into its fourth season. To recap, three members of the prominent Dutton Family are ambushed as Yellowstone’s third season comes to an end. Family patriarch John Dutton is shot in the chest several times while he helps a stranded family. John’s son, Kayce Dutton, is also approached by gunmen entering his office. John’s daughter, Beth Dutton, receives a package bomb that also explodes just a few feet away from her. Viewers are left to wonder just who survives the attacks and who does not. The fates of the three Duttons are left totally up in the air. Talk about a major cliffhanger.

Once we learn the results of the attack, Yellowstone should then focus on finding the unknown assailants. There is also no shortage of suspects as the Duttons have several enemies capable of pulling off such an attack. In a recent Reddit thread, a poster says his “sources” have told him who is behind the attacks. Citing a Montana rancher, the poster says the culprit behind the attacks is Garrett Randall.

“I have connections to Montana cattle ranchers, most of whom hate the burden of them filming Yellowstone,” the Reddit user writes. “One of these ranchers told me that he caught wind of the plot of season 4. He also told me that the one person behind the attacks isn’t a suspect and that Jamie’s deceased mom is somehow related to the Dutton family. I also think Jamie’s biological dad attacks the Duttons for Jamie.”

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Ponder Who is Behind Attacks

While this potential Yellowstone “spoiler” should be taken with a grain of salt, it is completely feasible that Randall is behind the attacks.

Jamie Dutton only met his biological father for the first time in season three after finding out he was adopted by the Duttons. Already upset with his adoptive father, John Dutton, Randall throws fuel on the fire.

Garrett tells Jamie that he killed his mother after he found his newborn baby with a crack pipe in his mouth. A drug addict and prostitute, Randall says Jamie’s mother was no good. He killed her to give Jamie a chance at a normal and productive life.

After talking to his biological father about his situation with his adoptive father, Randall makes a bold statement.

“The way to bring down an empire is to kill the king,” he says.

It is presumed he is speaking about Yellowstone Ranch and killing John Dutton. This statement is why many fans consider Garrett Randall to be a prime suspect in the attacks.

With Yellowstone set to return for its fourth season in the near future, answers are coming soon.