‘Yellowstone’ TV: Fan Hilariously Tries Figuring Out Why His Wife Loves Rip Wheeler So Much

by Jennifer Shea

A fan of Westerns decided to try to get his wife into “Yellowstone” with him, because he loves all things cowboy. Sounds like an uphill battle, right?

Turns out he succeeded all too well. His wife now loves the show… because she has a crush on Rip Wheeler (Cole Hauser)!

In a hilarious new post, her husband wants to know what it is about Rip that has so many women glued to the show.

‘Yellowstone’ Fan Tries to Figure Out What It Is About Rip Wheeler

On Reddit, the user posted, “My wife has now found out more of her friends have been watching the show too and love Rip! What is it about this guy?! The beard?! The gloves?! Please let me know so I can now become him.”

The post generated a higher-than-average number of comments for “Yellowstone” threads, with women chiming in to explain and men weighing in to commiserate.

“Rip is hot as h—,” one user posted. “He is hard, bad ass, very masculine but when you peel away the layers, he has a big heart. Basically what every woman swoons over.”

“He’s loyal as sh—and would protect those he loves with his life,” another user added.

“The swagger. Oh God the swagger,” offered a third.

“That old school aggressive dude that would never hit a woman or bully the weak is attractive, even for me and I’m a lesbian lol,” posted another user. “I love him.”

There were votes for John Dutton (Kevin Costner) and Kayce (Luke Grimes) as well. But even the men had to admit there’s just something about Rip.

“I’m a straight man and he’s my favorite character too,” a male Reddit user posted. “I like watching him beat the piss out of people.”

Looks like everyone has their own reasons for liking Rip.

Cole Hauser Made the 2020 Sexiest Men Alive List

To the delight of Mrs. Cole Hauser, Cynthia Hauser, her husband made People’s annual Sexiest Men Alive list last year.

Hauser agreed to be photographed in a water trough – a nod to the “Yellowstone” scene in which Beth (Kelly Reilly) bathes naked on the anniversary of her mother’s death – for that particular issue of People.

“I did a trip with a few buddies of mine in Costa Rica and we actually never went inside and had a proper shower,” Hauser told People. “I’m pretty accustomed to it. It’s refreshing and especially if the water temperature is right, it’s just beautiful.”

But don’t get any ideas, ladies. The actor has been happily married for nearly three decades and has three children with Cynthia.

“We’ve been together for 25 years,” he said of his wife. “Through so many wonderful ups and downs as relationships do. We’ve stayed strong together and just battled through everything and still love each other.”

While Cynthia didn’t mind her husband’s photo shoot, his “Yellowstone” co-star Costner had a slightly less sanguine reaction to the Sexiest Man Alive distinction.

“You son of a b—-,” Costner reportedly said. Hauser just laughed.