‘Yellowstone’ TV: Fan Lays Out Wild Theory About How Beth Dutton Has ‘Played’ Enemies the Entire Time

by Jennifer Shea

A “Yellowstone” fan recently posted a theory to Reddit about how Beth Dutton (Kelly Reilly) has been playing everyone, including Market Equities, and is actually really smart. (Unfortunately, the fan titled the thread confusingly: “Here is how Beth actually may have gotten played everyone and is smart AF.”)

The fan’s theory boils down to this: Beth and Angela Blue Thunder (Q’orianka Kilcher) didn’t have enough money between them to take over Market Equities. But they did manage to buy enough stock that they could make some trouble for the board and other major shareholders.

That way, in Season 4, Beth would be able to have the last laugh, after all. And Angela Blue Thunder would be able to help her do some serious damage to the hedge fund.

Other ‘Yellowstone’ Fans Weigh In

The fan in question confessed to not knowing much about trading. But he guessed that in one pivotal scene, Beth had been trying to drive the price of the stock down so she could buy it back later. And after that fan posted his Reddit theory, another fan jumped in to offer a similar trading-based theory.

“Beth is on the phone telling Bob Schwartz to buy puts at 185 and don’t stop. Then the stock starts to tank (I think the last price I saw was 115 and falling),” the second fan posted. “So anyone with those [puts] could sell those options (100 shares of stock) for 185 and make lots and lots of money.”

Still other fans chimed in next. They gave thumbs-up to the original theory and to the notion of Beth and Angela Blue Thunder working together.

“I’ve always been certain Angela and Beth have been working together behind the scenes and not one thing was a surprise. Beth knew she was going to be fired, that Jamie couldn’t be trusted, that Angela was taking bites during the stock takeover,” another fan posted. “Love me some Beth!!”

Fans Try to Tie Up Loose Threads

Still, those theories left plenty of unanswered questions. And “Yellowstone” fans themselves acknowledged as much. For one, how will Beth and Angela Blue Thunder reconcile their diverging objectives for Dutton’s land? Beth wants to keep it in the family. Blue Thunder wants it for her tribe. For another, if John Dutton (Kevin Costner) gets all his land back, what’s in it for Chief Rainwater (Gil Birmingham)?

“I was puzzled by the brief ‘Hi, how ya doin’?’ between Beth and Angela in Beth’s office,” another “Yellowstone” fan added. “Except for the ‘nibbles’ thing, they didn’t seem to do much planning about anything. So, whatever they did was done unbeknownst to us viewers. If they did work together to somehow take care of ME, where does that leave the land?”

Plenty of questions loom as fans anxiously await the Season 4 premiere. And there’s no official word yet on when that will be. Fans are understandably getting impatient. But it looks like we’ll just have to wait for Season 4 to find out what series co-creator Taylor Sheridan has in store for his characters.