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‘Yellowstone’ TV Fan Posts Hilarious Video of Friend Convincing Them to Watch the Paramount Series

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

Since its first run in 2018, Paramount Network’s series “Yellowstone” has become all the rage, building an enormous fan base.

There may be one thing fans of “Yellowstone” like more than watching the show — convincing others to watch the show. Much of “Yellowstone’s” success and be attributed to word-of-mouth advertising. Fans of the show stop at no ends to convince friends that they should also tune in to the Modern Western Drama.

One such case is making the social media rounds as a young man tries very hard to talk his friends into the “Yellowstone” kingdom. The man’s friends did what any good friends would do — secretly record his pleas and put them on the internet.

The man, who kind of looks like he could be a “Yellowstone” cast member, starts his pitch with a “Heartland” comparison. He then makes a family plea to take up watching his favorite show.

“I think your dad would like ‘Yellowstone’,” he says to his group of friends lounging on a sofa. “You’re dad would definitely like ‘Yellowstone’.”

The super fan then points to the musical score as a reason to pick up on the modern western series.

“The music is really good in it (“Yellowstone”),” he says. “It’s like good…like folk (music).”

It isn’t clear if his pitch works or not, but you have to the guy an “A” for effort. He works up a sales pitch that most vacuum cleaner salesman would be proud of.

‘Yellowstone’ Continues Growing Fan Base

Joking aside, “Yellowstone’s” fan base continues to grow through the show’s first three seasons and the arrow is pointing up.

Much of the show’s popularity can be traced to its relatability to a broad audience. “Yellowstone” tells the story of the Duttons, an influential ranching family in Montana with one of the state’s largest cattle ranches. The Duttons, and their ranch workers, will go to great lengths to protect what is rightfully theirs. We have seen them go to great lengths, including murder, to protect their family and Ranch.

Currently, on hiatus, the fourth and latest season of “Yellowstone” will debut over the summer. An exact date is not yet available for the season premiere.