‘Yellowstone’ TV: Fan Theories Discuss Possibility that Teeter is an ‘Undercover Agent’

by Jon D. B.

Looking back at Yellowstone Season 3, one particular fan theory remains highly curious: Could Teeter be an undercover officer?

While a thousand other near-death experiences typically take precedence with fans, the trampling of Colby & Teeter in S3-Ep8 was a bombshell at the time. It left many fans reeling, with most thinking both characters were as good as gone. Thankfully, both would survive the insane incident – with their “trampler” being brought to brutal justice.

As fans took to Reddit to discuss these revelations, however, many began questioning just who Teeter is. Her entire persona, from the pink hair, to the incredibly thick accent, made some begin to think Teeter isn’t who she says she is at all:

Fr0nk3nst31n begins this line of questioning. “Hi all, I have had a theory that Teeter (pink hair) is an undercover agent since episode four ‘Going Back To Cali’,” the Redditor states.

As such, the poster goes all the way back to S3, Ep4 to support his claim. “Going Back to Cali” is, of course, the infamous “Biker Gang Fight” episode, which Teeter starts herself.

“Right before she initiates the fight with the female biker they glance at each other like they are familiar,” Fr0nk3nst31n continues. “Given what we know about undercover cops in biker gangs, it seemed to me like this might be the most likely scenario. And given what happened with Wade (Boots Southerland) in the most recent episode and the return of Ryan Bingham’s character, I sense there may be some kind of investigation coming down on the Duttons,” Head Topic cites of the Redditor.

‘Yellowstone’s Denim Richards: Something is Up

Could Season 4 reveal Teeter to be much more than she seems? She’s already a lot – and in the best of ways. Regardless, Fr0nk3nst31n says that he “just feels it was clear that they recognize each other [by the way it’s put on film]… Maybe she is not a cop but it seems like they definitely know each other.”

To add fuel to this fire, Colby actor Denim Richards has been playing coy of late when it comes to Teeter. When asked where he saw their relationship going, Richards replied:

“I mean, we see that these things happen and Colby has had multiple seasons to not get too attached to people. So, I think it’s better for him to not do that,” the actor states plainly. After that kiss? After taking that brand back together? And a whole season’s worth of sexual tension? Something’s up.

“I think it’s gonna be really interesting for us to explore what that [relationship] looks like, especially because the bunkhouse is so crazy all the time,” Richards continues in our previous coverage. “Who knows, somebody else can come into the bunkhouse and then boom, she jumps ship.”

Something is definitely up. Color us highly intrigued to see where these two end up in Yellowstone Season 4.