‘Yellowstone’ TV: New Fan Theory Suggests Beth Dutton Was Betrayed by One of Her Closest Allies

by Kayla Zadel

As “Yellowstone” fans wait with anticipation for the fourth season, they’re going over the characters and storylines in hopes of trying to find out who ordered the hits against the Dutton family. One that seems to stick out is Beth Dutton’s (Kelly Reilly) relationship with her boss Bob Schwartz (Michael Nouri).

Bob seems to be on Beth’s team right from the start. In season 1, we see the co-founder of Schwartz & Meyer having some trouble with one of its clients. He calls in the “Hatchet Man” to swing the persuasive ax. Beth walks in and tells this Schartz & Meyer client how it’s going to be or else…

“I will be CEO of IL Energy by Monday. I will fire every f-king employee. Then I will sell your leases and equipment to Chevron for 30 cents on the dollar, and you, buddy, you will have the unique distinction of being the only drilling company to go bankrupt in the largest oil boom of the last century,” Beth explains.

With all that being said, Beth and Bob make a pretty good team during the first two seasons. However, we don’t see much of Bob in season 3 and that seems to spark some suspicion with “Yellowstone” fans.

Beth is Bob’s best employee, even though she’s made it extremely hard on the owner. So much so, that she’s cost him his business as season 3 comes to a close. Therefore, “Yellowstone” viewers are looking at Bob as one of the suspects in Beth’s office bombing.

Beth Dutton is at the heart of the targeted attacks against her family. However, does she call her assailant a friend? So what about Bob? Does he betray Beth after everything they’ve built together?

Does Beth Dutton’s Boss Bomb Schwartz & Meyer Office?

Fans took to Reddit to voice their opinions and theories on Schwartz and if potentially turned against Beth Dutton.

“I know we don’t know all that much about him, and from what we do know, he doesn’t seem like that kind of guy but do you think he had anything at all to do with the bomb? I mean because of Beth he’s pretty much ruined right? Again, I have a hard time thinking he’d want her dead but he’s probably pretty damn pissed off,” this person writes.

Additionally, this fan doesn’t think it’s Bob who’s behind the bombing.

“Definitely not bob. Bob isn’t ruined the only person ‘ruined’ would have been Beth bc she was the only one who actually lost her job but either way his character isn’t relevant enough for them to make him part of that whole fiasco but then again who knows but I feel like it would be a reach getting people to buy into him doing it bc they haven’t developed him near enough as a character.”

“Yellowstone” creator, Taylor Sheridan, could possibly develop Schwartz’s character into a villain. However, that’s not the direction that we believe things will go for the business owner. But we do think that Bob will be back for season 4.

Until then, read more on who possibly ordered the targets attacks on the Dutton family.