‘Yellowstone’ TV: Fans Are Still ‘Confused’ About One ‘Missing Storyline’ Ahead of Season 4

by Katie Maloney

Remember when the Duttons discovered dinosaur bones in Kayce’s front yard during an episode of ‘Yellowstone’?

Well, some “Yellowstone” fans certainly remember that scene. During the episode, little Tate rediscovers the excitement of home as he digs up bones. And John gets to spend a little quality time with Tate as he digs. It’s a win for all. Unfortunately, the bones are stolen after a treasure hunter spots the fossils via his drone and takes them for himself. However, fans are now debating whether or not the storyline is complete.

“Why do people think the dinosaur storyline is incomplete?” asked one fan in Reddit thread. “What am I missing?”

The fan then reiterated the plotline of the dinosaur bones and concluded, “that’s a pretty complete storyline to me.”

“It shows how things that are personally important slip through the cracks when everything gets crazy,” added the fan. “…I don’t know, I just don’t see what else they could do with it.”

Will the Dinosaur Bones From ‘Yellowstone’ Play a Part in Future Seasons?

Another fan suggested that the storyline was not dropped. Instead, they think those dinosaur bones will come back in a very big way during future seasons of “Yellowstone.” In fact, they think the bones could be the answer to all of the Duttons‘ concerns.

“I still say the bones are what is going to save the Ranch,” wrote one fan. “…At some point, and I don’t recall the details, they introduced the idea of buying a lot of land and declaring it conservation land to not only avoid taxes but to have it pay for itself. That plus dino bones = no airport.”

Honestly, this is one of the best fan theories we’ve heard. Currently, it seems near impossible for the Duttons to keep their land from giant corporations. However, if the land becomes grounds for conservation acts, the Duttons could be safe.

Another fan disagreed. They said, “But weren’t the bones found on the reservation? How would that help the ranch?”

That may be true. However, if the Duttons could find a way to prove that there are prehistoric remains on their land, they could potentially be granted protections.

Are There Really Dinosaur Bones In Montana?

Another user proved that finding dinosaur remains on the Duttons’ land may not be s difficult as it sounds. In fact, the user shared a link citing the Montana Department of Transportation. The brochure from the department shares information about Montana’s prehistoric connections. According to the brochure, “Paleontologists have discovered seventy-five different species of dinosaurs in Montana, more than any other state in America.”

Just when we thought Montana couldn’t get any cooler, there it goes housing some of the country’s most ancient remains. We just hope we find out how all these bones tie into the storyline during season four of “Yellowstone.”