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‘Yellowstone’ TV: Fans Are Building the Perfect Playlist to Go with the Show Ahead of Season 4

by Halle Ames
Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom

The perfect playlist does exist. Fans are building the perfect Yellowstone playlist to perfectly complement the show prior to Season 4. 

That’s right, all your favorite songs to go with your favorite show on television. Like chocolate and wine, like cheese and a cracker, like surf and turf, baby. You get the point. 

However, fans don’t need to worry about listening to them all before the release of Season 4. Producers have announced that it would not premiere until June. Only 69 days, 16 hours, and 6 minutes to go. 

Reddit to the Rescue

Reddit users have chimed in to add their favorite songs to the elite playlist. Here is what they are saying. 

“I know there are a bunch of playlists out there, but I love hearing what people associate with the show and different characters. What would you put on it? Doesn’t necessarily have to have been featured on the show.
A few of mine would be:
Slow Burn – Kacey Musgraves
Old Man – Wild the Coyote (love the shot of Kayce and John with the dark sky in the distance when they play this on the show)
The Weary Kind – Ryan Bingham
Stone – Whiskey Myers
Ain’t Gonna Drown – Elle King.”

All very solid choices in our book. But yes, if you look on any music streaming site, you can find countless Yellowstone playlists that feature many of these artists. 

More users commented on the post with their recommendations, including songs by Sturgill Simpson and our favorite, Tyler Childers. 

“Tyler Childers and Sturgill Simpson, I think Jimmy’s girlfriend specifically mentions a Sturgill Simpson song but idk which one.”

Another Yellowstone fan helps the user out, saying the Sturgill Simpson song that Mia would have playing on the deserted island on repeat would be “Turtles All the Way Down”.

Additionally, one Reddit user posted by the name of Barnaclesheet linked a highlight video of Beth and Rip’s relationship flawlessly set to Childers song, “Lady May”. The tune has played in the show before when the couple famously slow danced in the middle of the arena. 

We still get choked up everything we think about it. Where can we find a Rip of our own? 

Other ‘Yellowstone’ Song Recommendations

Other songs, either hits or hidden gems, that social media users called for will have us set for the rest of the day. 

“‘Keep the Wolves Away’ by Uncle Lucius, ‘Sunrise’ by Ryan Bingham, and ‘Broken Window Serenade’ by Whiskey Myers.”

“Dead south and Colter Wall might be something you’d like.”

“Literally anything from Ryan Bingham. I’ve come to love his music because of Yellowstone.”

“How about a couple oldies? – “Someday Soon” – Judy Collins “Angel from Montgomery” – a John Prine song; Bonnie Raitt or Susan Tedeschi versions.”

“How has nobody said “Long Black Train” by Josh Turner? That’s the first one that comes to mind because Rip actually says the line “long black train”.

Social media is full of heroes and heaven-sent angels here to make our day and yours better. Be sure to give these songs a listen!