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‘Yellowstone’ TV: Fans Call Out Major Plot Point Concerns with Season 2 Finale

by Thad Mitchell

As fans of hit television series “Yellowstone” wait for the new season to start, many are looking back on previous seasons for clues.

The Paramount Network modern Western drama centers around the Dutton family and their protection of Yellowstone Ranch. There isn’t much the Dutton clan won’t do to protect their property and cattle. We have seen them kill off and torture their enemies and dole out consequences to trespassers onto their land. Needless to say, the family makes clear they will go to great lengths to keep what is rightfully theirs.

While Yellowstone fans are still buzzing about the season three finale that ended on a spectacular cliffhanger, some fans are going back to the season two finale in search of ideas for the the upcoming new season may play out.

The last episode of season three saw the budding war pitting the Duttons against the Becks come to a head. The Yellowstone ranchers took a decisive victory by killing Malcolm and Teal Beck and recovering Tate Dutton from an armed militia.

Yellowstone Fans Question ‘Plot Holes’ in Season Two

Fans using online community Reddit have recently point out what they call “plot holes” in the second season finale.

“Why were the Beck bros so easy to kill, why did no one try before?” one poster ask. “Why would Kayce not be interrogating Malcom immediately after he was shot?”

These are legitimate questions that only writers of the show can answer. Other questions asked in the Reddit thread deal with plane bomb and lack of security for high profile individuals. One poster says the writing of the end of season two is “disappointing.”

While no television series has reached perfection, Yellowstone is easily one of the better written shows going today. And even though some fans may consider them plot holes, whose to say that some of these issues won’t be resolved next season?

Yellowstone watchers are holding their breath waiting for season four to begin. The fate of several key characters hangs in the balance as the sun rises over the ranch. Three member of the Dutton family came under attack from unknown entities in the finale.

John Dutton was last seen being shot in the chest several times by an unknown assailant. Kayce Dutton is also under attack as the season closed out. He manages to flip over a desk to shield himself from incoming bullets. Beth Dutton is the recipient of a package bomb that explodes inside her office when her assistant opens it.

Most of season four’s storyline is likely to revolve who committed the attacks and who survives the attacks.