‘Yellowstone’ TV: Fan Calls Out Strange Object in Lloyd’s Cowboy Hat Most Fans Never Noticed

by Thad Mitchell

You have to give it up to fans of the hit Paramount Network show “Yellowstone,” as nothing seemingly gets by them.

With the show on a longer-than-expected hiatus, fans are getting their “Yellowstone” fix by discussing the show. Message board forum sites are full of fans who want nothing more but to discuss their favorite show. Nothing gets by these eagle-eyed fans, including a strange item that can be found in the hat of a popular character. A recent Reddit thread discusses just what is hiding out in “Yellowstone” ranch hand Lloyd’s cowboy hat.

“In the episode ‘Goin’ Back to Cali’ when Rip and Lloyd come upon the bikers fighting in the field with Ryan, Colby and Teeter,” the poster starts out. “Is that one of those dental floss pick things in the brim of Lloyd’s hat? It’s on the right side of his head.”

It is an odd question for sure but one that some “Yellowstone” fans seem to have opinions on. Why a cowboy, like Lloyd, would need dental floss on his hat is an unknown from this vantage point. Maybe he doesn’t have enough time in the mornings to floss so he doesn’t while working. Maybe he’s just really into dental hygiene and carries a floss pick with him everywhere he goes. Perhaps he thinks it looks cool to have dental floss on the brim of his hat. Maybe there is a story behind it that we may never know. That’s part of the fun of “Yellowstone,” figuring things out that don’t initially make sense.

One Redditor is unsure if the item in question is actually a floss pick. The fan even went back and re-examined a few scenes in an attempt to figure out what is in Lloyd’s hat.

“Lloyd has a fairly wide, plain black hatband,” the Reddit user says. “The mystery item seemed a bit larger than a floss pick and at times even looked a bit silvery. I did notice at the bottom of the hatband, angled from the top of the ‘thing’ and not straight down from it, a small portion of something that appeared to be the same color/material. So, it’s still kind of a mystery. As I go through the episodes again I’ll have to keep my eyes peeled for a better shot of his hat.”

That is some in-depth “Yellowstone analysis for you.

Regardless of what may or may not be in Lloyd’s hat, “Yellowstone” fans are curious as to what the new season will bring for the senior cowboy. Lloyd is wise and a more than capable cowboy as the elder statesman of the bunkhouse crew. Played by Forrie J. Smith, he has become a fan favorite through three seasons of the show. His role on the show should continue to grow as his popularity soars.