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‘Yellowstone’ TV: Why Fans Are Calling Out Kayce and Monica for How They Treat Tate

by Halle Ames
Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom

So Monica and Kayce may not be winning any Parent of the Year Awards on “Yellowstone”, but are they terrible to Tate?

Monica Long found herself pregnant with Kayce Dutton‘s baby after a one-night stand following a night on the town. After getting to know each other better, it turns out that they both had feelings for one another, and so Kayce made things official with a ring and the exchanging of “I Do’s.”

As the nursery rhythm goes, then comes baby in a baby carriage. That would be Tate.

Monica wanted Tate to grow up living on the reservation with its culture and customs and not on the massive “Yellowstone” ranch right nearby. After a falling out with John Dutton, Kayce agrees, and he trains wild horses on their little plot of land.

On more than one occasion, Tate has been in danger on “Yellowstone.” But honestly, who hasn’t at this point?

First, Tate fell into the river while under John Dutton’s care and nearly drowned. He also needed stitches on his head at one point. Furthermore, Tate was kidnapped right off the Yellowstone ranch by a paid group of mercenaries.

Does this mean that Monica and Kayce are bad parents? Potentially. But that doesn’t mean Tate is lacking in love from his parents. They are young. Don’t all parents just make it up as they go along with their first child?

Reddit Fan Calls Out ‘Yellowstone’

One “Yellowstone” fan and Reddit user felt very strongly about the family dynamic, calling Monica and Kayce “poor parents.” They also go on a rant about “Yellowstone”‘s casting choice for Monica.

“The one thing I don’t get is how these two are such poor parents…they never show affection toward Tate….Kayce did in the truck bringing him home after the kidnapping..then he’s standoffish in the scenes with Tate… he treats him like a fellow actor…stands there while Tate says his lines, then goes to the next scene…weird… She’s not affectionate and shows no love or interest in him… she’s either naked… in the shower naked…teaching…in the tub naked…naked in the dress shop…or sc***ing Kayce…or being rude and disrespectful to JD or she complains about their lifestyle…She isn’t attractive, and she’s too damn skinny…all the way around bad casting…”

We disagree, along with many others on Reddit about the “Yellowstone” choices.

“I see plenty of affection towards Tate. Right now, the show is playing up John as grandfather of the year, so of course, Monica and Kayce have to be sidelined. How else can it be ALL ABOUT JOHN otherwise? That’s how Taylor Sheridan writes. I don’t think it’s meant to say anything about Kayce and Monica as parents. Kayce and Monica were essentially written out as Tate’s primary caregivers in S3, so the narrative became about John. And I find it so ironic that in complaining about Kayce and Monica, parents who have been shown being affectionate with Tate, we are championing John, a man who was brutal to his own children. But that’s ok now, I guess.”

Sheesh. Thousands of languages, and this person chooses to speak FACTS! We can only wait to see what happens in season four of “Yellowstone.”