‘Yellowstone’ TV: Fans Are Comparing the Show to This Iconic FX Series

by Jennifer Shea
Paramount Network

One of the advantages of fan forums is that they offer fans of one work a chance to compare notes and trade recommendations on others. And “Yellowstone” fans are definitely using Reddit for that purpose.

On Monday, a “Yellowstone” fan offered fellow fans of the hit Paramount Network Western a recommendation for another show to watch.

“Sons of Anarchy” is an FX drama that ran from 2008 to 2014. It’s about an outlaw motorcycle club that’s trying to guard their small town against interlopers, such as developers, drug dealers and overzealous police officers.

‘Yellowstone’ Comparable to ‘Sons of Anarchy’?

“It’s kinda underrated since I’ve always thought it was a ‘biker’ series but it deals with family, relationships and so many other things,” the fan posted on Reddit. “I was honestly surprised at how good it was. It does get over the top and loses its appeal towards the last couple seasons but the 1-4 is great TV. So if anyone is looking for a show to tide them over till 4, check out SOA.”

Fellow “Yellowstone” fans really got into the comparison, drawing parallels between certain “Yellowstone” and “Sons of Anarchy” characters.

“I mentioned to my wife that Yellowstone is SOA on horseback,” one fan replied.

Some fans maintained that “Yellowstone” is the better show, notwithstanding that “Sons of Anarchy” aired first.

“I watched SOA first, and watching Yellowstone it really felt like a carbon copy of SOA with cowboys replacing bikers,” another fan chimed in. “I like Yellowstone better, but its really amazing how many storylines and stock characters YS ‘borrows’ from SOA, not that it matters, both shows were written by the same guy, and lots of authors steal from themselves.”

“Yellowstone” co-creator Taylor Sheridan played Deputy David Hale in the FX series. But Kurt Sutter created “Sons of Anarchy” and wrote the pilot along with other episodes of the series. “Sons of Anarchy” boasts a long list of writers, but that list apparently did not include Sheridan.

Not everyone agreed with the comparison, however.

“I couldn’t stand SOA, but Yellowstone keeps me hooked in based on the fact I’m a fool for a western,” another fan posted. “If not I would have quit watching it long ago. Tara has got to be the most insufferable person in TV history and Monica is a mirror image.”

Season 4 Approaches

Paramount has been silent so far on the premiere date for Season 4. But we know that filming has wrapped on the next season already. And in an Instagram post, Chief Joseph Ranch hinted that the premiere may come in June.

“That’s a wrap on filming Season 4!” the ranch posted last November. “Who is excited for the premiere in June?”

The cast has been tight-lipped about who is returning for Season 4. The Season 3 finale left fans in suspense, with multiple Duttons facing potentially lethal attacks.

Beth actress Kelly Reilly told Esquire that she wanted to know where the series is headed as much as any fan. But whatever she knows about Beth’s fate, she’s keeping to herself.

“As an actor, especially one that’s been put through hell and back with a character like Beth, I was like, ‘What’s the end game?’ And there’s a big cliffhanger obviously at the end of Season 3,” she said. “Obviously I can’t tell you whether or not Beth makes it another day, to see if she finds that peace that you talk about. But it’s an interesting question with any character.”

“Yellowstone” fans will just have to wait for this summer to learn the Duttons’ fate. And in the meantime, maybe they can watch a little “Sons of Anarchy” to tide them over.