‘Yellowstone’ TV Fans Are Completely Divided Over Beth Dutton: Here’s Why

by Katie Maloney

‘Yellowstone’ fans are well aware that Beth Dutton is a complex character.

We’ve seen her tear high-ranking executives down with witty one-liners. We’ve seen her seek revenge. We’ve also seen her fiercely stand up for her family. In conclusion, there are many layers to Beth Dutton. And some fans like those layers more than others. In fact, there’s an entire Reddit thread dedicated to discussions about whether or not Beth should be written off the show.

“Does anyone else want Beth gone? Either that or I’d love to see her get her comeuppance,” wrote one fan. “She is just a cruel human being to so many. Even complete strangers and people that work for her. I can’t stand her.”

However, not all fans agree with the above statement. In fact, many fans (ourselves included) consider Beth Dutton to be one of their favorite characters on “Yellowstone.”

“Oh no, Beth has to stay! She’s an incredible character, so complex, so maladjusted and SO torn up mentally and emotionally by the two defining horrors of her life that eat at her nonstop all these years–the belief that she killed her mother because of her own scaredy fear, and her inability to have children, courtesy of Jamie,” wrote the fan. “If I’ve ever seen someone desperately in need of intensive psychotherapy, it’s Beth…We gotta keep Beth–she’s too interesting to lose!”

More Opinions About Beth Dutton From ‘Yellowstone’ Fans

So, is Beth Dutton good or bad? The real question is what is “good” or “bad”, really? It seems that most people and things in this world are a combination of both. None of us are perfect – including Beth Dutton. Yes, she’s said some super mean things. Yes, she’s done some really vengeful things. But she’s also revealed a vulnerable and fiercely loving side.

“I mean, yeah she’s mean to people. That’s her character. This is a tv show,” wrote one fan. “She’s playing her character perfectly.”

Another fan said that, once they understood Beth’s motivations, she became their favorite character on “Yellowstone.”

“No way! Once I got what she is about, she became my favorite character,” wrote the fan. “She has good reasons for who and how she is.”

However, another fan made a good point as well. They said that even Beth’s trauma-filled past doesn’t give her an excuse to be mean to other people.

“Oh I’ve paid attention and I don’t care what happened in your past, that gives nobody an excuse to abuse innocent people that had nothing to do with it,” they wrote.

That is true. That said, we love to see what Beth will do next. So we are all for her being a part of the show for many seasons to come.