‘Yellowstone’ TV: Fans Are Confused About Jamie’s Pregnant Ex-Girlfriend, Here’s What Really Happened

by Thad Mitchell

Fans eager for the return of the ever-popular Paramount Network series “Yellowstone” will have to wait a little longer for answers to burning questions.

There is no shortage of questions surrounding the upcoming fourth season of “Yellowstone,” but answers are sparse. That is expected to change once the brand new season arrives later this year in the fall season. We are all aware of the many big questions that exist within the “Yellowstone” universe. Are the Duttons dead or alive? Who attacked the family in the third season finale? What about poor Jimmy — is he did or alive? How often does ranch hand Lloyd have to trim that glorious mustache of his? Does Rip Wheeler wear undershirts?

Ok…so maybe they aren’t all super important but you get the idea — “Yellowstone” fans have questions and are hungry for answers. Across the internet, fans of the modern western drama have taken up residence on social media and message board sites. Not only is “Yellowstone” discussion encouraged in these spaces, but fans are also welcome to discuss their many theories and speculate on the future of the show. Veteran “Yellowstone” watchers are also there to help explain the nuanced storylines that can sometimes trip up new fans. This was the case in a recent Reddit thread when a “Yellowstone” newbie wants to know about Jamie Dutton’s unborn child.

Plot Hole or a Storyline That Will Reemerge in Season 4?

Jamie’s baby mama is Christina, a former aid who helped him with his political campaign work. After revealing to Jamie that she is pregnant with his child, Christina just kind of disappears. She isn’t seen at all in the third season and fans wonder if she might pop up in the fourth.

“Is she low-key just raising Jamie’s baby?” the Reddit user asks. “I’m so confused about this plot hole.”

Veteran “Yellowstone” fans were quick to rush in with assistance. It is odd, to most watchers, that this storyline would just up and vanish.

“It’s not a plot hole,” a fellow Redditor and “Yellowstone” fan replies. “She told Jamie she was prepared to go it alone.”

“There is always the possibility she might show up in a future episode,” another fan says. “Even if it’s only a mention in passing type of thing.”

Another “Yellowstone” fan points out that Christina gave Jamie an ultimatum. She tells him that he must choose between the Dutton family or starting his own family with her.

“She says Jamie had nine months to figure out whether he wanted to be with his father’s family or his own (soon-to-be) family,” the poster says. “It makes sense to put this storyline on hold for the time being.”

Whether we hear from Christina and Jamie’s child again on “Yellowstone” remains to be seen. Of course, the show is full of surprises so we wouldn’t bet against it.