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‘Yellowstone’ TV: Fans Debate Who the Best Character Is Amid Memorial Day Weekend Marathon

by Halle Ames
Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom

With so many iconic and lovable characters, does Paramount’s hit western drama “Yellowstone” have just one ‘best’ character?

This is like choosing between pizza and ice cream? Do we really have to just pick one favorite?

However, throughout the “Yellowstone” series, we have grown to like some characters considerably more than the others. And while we could probably narrow down our top five favorites, we will leave it to the glorious world of social media… for now.

Reddit Gets Real About ‘Yellowstone’

According to the dedicated and thorough Reddit “Yellowstone” following, we may have a winner.

“D*mn, what have I been missing…Long time Deadwood fan here. This show is f**ing awesome. Binging the Paramount marathon right now. Can’t stop. Also can’t believe I let four years go by before really trying it….”

I agree. If you haven’t jumped on the “Yellowstone” bandwagon yet, you are missing out.

Underneath the initial post, users flooded in to say which characters make the show as amazing as it is.

“It’s Beth, isn’t it,” says one person.

“My favorite is Kayce, he is the heart of the show imo.”

“All Rip for me – and I’m a (maybe not so?) straight dude with four kids. I would honestly have Rip’s babies if he wanted me to.”

The dedication never ceases to amaze us. In fact, this comment was the one that had the most up-likes, so the general public agrees.

Another character that was not mentioned in the comments section but definitely deserved to be on the list is Mo. Although Mo isn’t a central character, he is just so loyal and fair that you cannot dislike him.

He saved Monica’s life, who even though she is one of the most hated characters on “Yellowstone,” he still is a hero for it.

Author’s Pick

However, in our Outsider opinion, our overall favorite character has to be Rip. Kayce gets in too much trouble whether he is looking for it or not. Beth has a pretty raunchy mouth on her, and while we love her for it, it also becomes a bit much at times. John Dutton is too much tough-love and doesn’t really have fun and lets loose. I cannot stand Jamie or Monica. And we love the bunkhouse men, but they just don’t compare.

Rip is both loyal and a bad*ss and sweet to Beth and just perfect. I was unsure about him in the first few episodes because of his murderous behavior, but oddly enough, I have come to terms with it and see it as a necessary character trait.

Now, we need to see what becomes of him and our other favorite characters on “Yellowstone’ in season four… whenever that might be.