‘Yellowstone’ TV: Fans Debate Whether the Way Beth & Jamie Dutton Treat One Another Is Justified

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

One of the most entertaining storylines on Yellowstone is the sibling rivalry between Jamie and Beth Dutton.

Much like cats and dogs, those two seem to always be going at it. Verbal disagreements, name-calling and threats are just a few of the ways that the two siblings attack each other. Beth has gone as far as to suggest to Jamie that he kill himself. Jamie, on more than one occasion, has threatened harm upon Beth using his political positioning.

The disdain between the two Yellowstone Duttons stems from an incident during their childhood. Having learned that she is pregnant, a still teenaged Beth asks Jamie for his help in seeking out an abortion. Jamie agrees to help and takes his sister to a local clinic where Beth is to abort the baby.

A clinic worker tells Jamie that if Beth chooses to have the procedure at the location, she will be sterilized upon completion. Unwilling to the family name at risk, Jamie agrees to the procedure without telling his sister of the consequences. The procedure leaves young Beth unable to bear children and she blames Jamie. Now an adult, she still holds a grudge against her brother for her inability to conceive.

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Weight in on Dutton Sibling Rivalry

A recent Reddit thread asks Yellowstone fans if the actions of disdain between the two siblings are justified. Responses to the question are pretty evenly split with some saying yes it is justifiable and others saying it isn’t. Many Redditors say it is simply in Beth’s nature to treat others with a lack of respect and Jamie is simply on the receiving end.

“Beth is a tornado and the whole world is a trailer park,” one Yellowstone fan remarks.

Other Reddit responders say Beth goes overboard with the anger issues, making her an unlikable character.

Beth is unbearable at times,” the poster says. “There are some redeemable moments with her character that makes me like her.”

The same mixed reactions apply to Jamie as well. Jamie’s character arc is among Yellowstone’s most interesting as he seems to be on a constant roller coaster of emotions.

“Jamie is a gutless puke and he still wishes he was half the man Beth is,” another Reddit user says.

Like Beth, Jamie has some redeeming qualities and some fans sympathize with his situation. In season three he discovers he was adopted by the Dutton family as an infant.

“Imagine finding out you’re adopted as a grown adult,” a poster says. “Wouldn’t you be a little testy too?

Yellowstone fans hope to see more of the Beth-Jamie rivalry as season four draws closer.