‘Yellowstone’ TV: Fans Debate the ‘Biggest Flaw’ of the 3rd Season

by Jennifer Shea

“Yellowstone” fans are a passionate bunch. And while they wait for Season 4 to kick off, some of them are taking to Reddit to debate the many plot twists of the show.

‘Yellowstone’ Writers Unfair to Jamie?

One group of fans has been debating the various Season 3 plot arcs. In particular, they focused on Jamie Dutton’s (Wes Bentley) travails, critiquing “Yellowstone” writers’ treatment of him.

“I think the show’s writers don’t know what to do with Jamie and probably never will,” one fan wrote.

The fan went on to criticize the big reveal in Season 3 about Beth and Jamie. Namely, that Jamie gave his permission for a reservation doctor to perform a hysterectomy on Beth without her knowledge. Jamie supposedly did it to avoid going to the Planned Parenthood in town. He feared people would recognize them and word would get out. But Beth has never forgiven him for the decision.

“It’s preposterous, but if the writers were so gung-ho about it, they should’ve revealed it much earlier,” the fan added about the reveal.

Fans Want More Will Patton

Fans also agreed they want to see more of Jamie’s father Garrett (Will Patton) in future episodes. And they bashed the writers for failing to give Jamie an opportunity to “be human” and bond with his biological dad. After all, they pointed out, we get to see the other Dutton kids, and even John Dutton (Kevin Costner), let their guard down at times.

Now, some would argue that we do get to see Jamie be vulnerable in the flashback scenes. Whereupon he usually gets crushed by his father’s cold-blooded calculations. For example, young Jamie (Dalton Baker) looks crestfallen in the scene where John tells Jamie he applied to Harvard for him and wants Jamie to go there instead of staying close by.

Clean Slate for Jamie

Of course, that’s not to say Bentley couldn’t handle more scenes that push adult Jamie out of his comfort zone. As one fan pointed out on Reddit, “Bentley is a really good actor.” And he’s good at conveying Jamie’s more common reactions of panic, resignation and exasperation on the show. 

Bentley told Entertainment Weekly last August that he feels the Season 3 finale left open the possibility of new character development.

“It feels like the board got wiped and we can write some new things on that board,” he said.

And he shared that the climactic showdown between the Duttons and the hedge fund trying to buy John Dutton’s land to build an airport was “one of my favorite [scenes] shooting the whole series.”

“It’s interesting to watch him let them try to play off their power moves,” Bentley said. “Then Jamie drops the hammer and takes his power at the right moment.”

Jamie was ostensibly trying to save the ranch by allowing the sale of a slice of land, preventing the state from claiming eminent domain and confiscating the whole property. But the move pitted him against Beth and set him up to be the villain of the family once again.

It remains to be seen what Season 4 holds for Jamie. But if the Reddit fans have anything to say about it, the new season will bring some broadening experiences for the politically savvy adopted son of the Dutton clan.