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‘Yellowstone’ TV: Fans Debate Biggest Season 3 Storyline Shortcomings

by Jon D. B.
Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom
Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom

When thinking on Yellowstone’s tremendous Season 3, “shortcomings” aren’t the first attributes that pop to mind. As phenomenal as it’s run has been so far, however, no show is perfect. Especially for Reddit’s fans.

Within the forum giant, Yellowstone has a remarkably active subreddit comparative to other television dramas. And as with any discussion, there’s always two sides of the coin. Which is preferable, honestly – as constant hype and praise gets stale – and Yellowstone truly is far from perfect. With this in mind, let’s dive into a few of these shortcomings viewers are divulging and see where the show could improve for upcoming Season 4. Be warned: this breakdown includes major spoilers for all of Season 3.

Redditor Teufelhunden leads the charge in this respect. Diving in head-first, they’ve got a laundry list of “mehs” to comb. Keep in mind, however, that this comes from the viewpoint of one who made a post “a week ago about S2 not being very good.”

“Some people said S3 is worse. In my opinion it was slightly better,” Teufel continues. Right off the bat, his biggest gripe with S3 is in the villains not having “much development.”

‘Yellowstone’ Gripes: ‘This Show Needs a Villain That Spans Multiple Seasons’

“The Beck bros could’ve been so good and so could’ve the S3 villains. This show needs a villain that spans multiple seasons. Kinda like Gus Fring in Breaking Bad. It could be Rainwater but we’ll see,” the Redditor cites.

Honestly, Roarke Morris is the first to come to mind to this gripe. If anyone was set up to be around for the longhaul outside of Rainwater and the Broken Rock figureheads, it’s Morris.

His next issue comes as a staunch reminder that “fan favorites” aren’t universal. Prepare yourself, Jimmy fans.

“Jimmy is really annoying. I’m not really into his filler story at all,” he slams. Ouch. Hope Jefferson White isn’t on Reddit – as he has a habit of reading fan reactions… and responding. Considering Rip gave this former (so far) high-strung lowlife a second chance by pulling him out of his own filth, he’s not going to be the type of person to sit well with everyone. On the other side, who doesn’t love an underdog?

If there’s a gripe we truly see coming out of left field, though, it’s this next one. While it does tie in with the user’s issue with villains not “spanning multiple seasons”… c’mon. This Yellowstone storyline was just ridiculously fun (and brutal) to watch.

“The scene with the biker gang was pretty pointless unless they somehow play a roll in S4,” Teufel states. Better have some staunch evidence to back this one up, pal…

“That woman that John helped out before he got ambushed said she was from Cali so maybe she was part of it? But it wouldn’t make sense that they killed her, too.”

With the episode’s title being “Back to California,” there’s a good chance we’re about to see all of this come to fruition in Season 4.

‘Rip and Now Jaimie Are the Most Developed Characters So Far and It’s Not Even Close’

This next gripe, however, feels like a mixture of praise and fodder. Teufel says he finds Rip and Jamie to be “the most developed characters so far and it’s not even close. I liked the the whole adopted storyline and I’m interested to see where it goes.”

Count pretty much every Yellowstone fan in existence with you there, pal. Few of us at Outsider can make our minds up on whether or not Jamie is to become a full villain for the show or not. But one thing’s for certain: it’s making for one hell of a ride.

If you thought his dislike for Jimmy was off, though, then you’re not going to like this next opener.

“As far as the big cliffhanger goes, I really hope Beth dies,” Uhm, excuse me, sir? Surely you have some reasoning for this.

“I don’t see how she could survive but we know how plot armor works,” they continue. “I’m willing to bet the kid will somehow save John so he’ll probably survive even though he got shot a million times. Kayce will probably survive since he’s a Navy SEAL and has a gun on him…”

It reads as if this complaint comes from a point of unrealistic happenings – which Yellowstone is full of to begin with. It is, after all, fiction. And rumor has it that you’ll have to suspend your disbelief for S4, because Beth is more than likely back in some capacity.

The Redditor does, however, point out that they “like how they left us with three potential suspects who could’ve done the hit. My guess is that it’s both Jaimie and Roarke. I feel Rainwater would’ve sent his bodyguard or whatever instead of what we saw.”

Outsider’s guesses are somewhat similar, as well.

In the end, one commenter agrees with a few of these points, citing their hope that “Willa and Roarke get more development in Season 4. I enjoyed their characters so far. And I agree that this show need some multiple seasons villains. I am sure Beth will survive, even tho it’s unrealistic,” replies DarkKnight972. “The only one I could see dying is Jimmy, and honestly I would not mind.”

Seriously, guys? No one tell Jefferson White! Well we have some good and bad news for you, chaps. As for the “bad”: Jimmy is around for the long haul, as Jefferson White is confirmed to play a major role in Yellowstone spinoff 6666.

The “good” for these Jimmy-haters? His days on Yellowstone seem numbered as a result…