‘Yellowstone’ TV: Fans Debate ‘Casting Mistake’ in Flashback Scenes

by Halle Ames

Throughout the Yellowstone series, the storyline relies on flashback scenes to give more of a background to the Dutton families’ past. 

Reddit users were quick to point out the flaw in casting when it comes to the main character’s younger selves. John, Rip, Kayce, and Jamie all are very comparable looking actors in the throwback scenes. However, Beth’s younger self might be lacking a bit. 

The Reddit user posted about the distinction between Yellowstone’s old and young Beth. 

“Most of the casting is impeccable, which is why I don’t understand the choice of casting for young Beth. She looks nothing like her like they didn’t even make an effort. It drives me crazy because John, Rip, and Jamie’s younger selves are pretty spot-on.”

Besides the sassy attitude, I agree. Young Beth has blond hair, and the face shapes are noticeably different. Don’t get us wrong, we are well aware that the strawberry blond locks could have come from a bottle, but we doubt it. 

Young Beth does rock a set of mean side bangs, which we can only assume transformed into the full bangs we see older Beth sport. 

The Actresses

Yellowstone cast 17-year-old Kylie Rodger to portray our once timid and fresh-faced Beth trying to navigate the struggles of womanhood without a mother figure.

This isn’t Rodgers’ first time on the big screen, however. Her family moved to Los Angeles when she was eight years old, and the jobs started rolling in. Kylie Rogers first lead role was in 2014 in the movie Space Station 76, where she played Sunshine. She also starred in Mojave, Finders Keepers, the ABC series Private Practice, and CBS’s show CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

Kelly Reilly may share initials and Beth’s character with Rodgers, but that’s just about it. Reilly was born in the United Kingdom and is 43-years-old. Reilly is an experienced actress with over 25 movies on her resume, including Heaven is For Real and Pride and Prejudice

Love for the Yellowstone Beths

The veteran and the rookie (ish) are very fond of each other. Kelly Reilly posted a photo in July of Rodger’s sitting in a Yellowstone truck. Reilly shares where she was in her career when she was Rodgers age. 

“I share Beth with the beautiful @kylieannerogers 💛. When I was 16 years old, I worked on my first job with Helen Mirren, and it blew my mind, watching her work. Like a tiger prowling the set, preparing. I know what guts you must have to take on heavyweights that young, and she takes on Beth like a total pro. I can’t play the woman without you knowing the girl .. and Kylie does it so perfectly.”

The young Yellowstone actress comments back on the post with her admiration for Reilly. 

“Thank you, @mzkellyreilly You are so amazing and kill it as Beth!!! I’m so grateful to have been chosen to play your younger Beth. It means so much to me that you are happy with my performance and think I live up to the task of unraveling the story of Beth. I love you and Yellowstone so much.”

The photo hints that we will see a young Beth reappear in season four, which is set to air in June of 2021. We just hope that means that Beth will survive the explosion in her office.