‘Yellowstone’ TV: Fans Debate if There’s ‘Too Much Drama’ in the Series So Far

by Halle Ames

Yellowstone fans debate if the hit western DRAMA has too much drama in it so far… We are going to break this down.

Don’t get us wrong. We get it. My own mother has to tell herself that the series is not real just so the poor woman can get some sleep and stop stressing about the Dutton’s.

In what real-life situation would you have back-to-back-to-back villains come to try to steal your land, kidnap your kid, shoot your brother, attack your sister, oh did we mention cancer and a brain injury? It’s just unbelievable. Or you have terrible, terrible luck. Regardless, it’s unrealistic.

Defending ‘Yellowstone’

However, we are going to start this argument with one main point. It is a show. Yellowstone is not real life. It is a drama. I’m sorry if that ruined anyone’s day, but we don’t go poking holes in Game of Thrones or Santa. Let us have our fun.

Another point that I should note is that if the show were boring and just portrayed a rancher’s life, you wouldn’t watch it.

For example, you probably wouldn’t be interested in watching Kayce rewire a fence post all day. Real cowboy work. No. However, Kayce is riding into a field, and hundreds of dead cows wait for him. Now THAT is juicy. That is show business, baby. Give us all the drama.

One Reddit user, named Armadillo_Designer, highlighted their feelings on all the action, saying Yellowstone is trying too hard.

“The overall story is great, and I feel like it has enough drama to carry the show. But after 1 season, there are so many over-the-top scenarios that really do very little to propel the story forward and feel very shoe-horned.”

The user continues, explaining how Kayce’s character, in particular, is constantly stumbling into issues.

“How lucky/unlucky is Kayce that he just continues to happen upon these scenarios forcing him to act out his part? I just feel that it really takes me out of what otherwise would be such a great f*cking story to have these ham-fisted action sequences handed to me to tell me what has already been established and what I already know. I get it. Kayce flies off the handle. I don’t need a handful of ridiculous scenarios to give him the opportunity to demonstrate it.”

We 100-percent agree. Like, probably just stay off the road, Kayce. Every time that man gets behind the wheel, he encounters a meth house blow-up or a sketchy van that is parked on the side of the road with a woman in the back. However, it is physically impossible for Kayce to turn a blind eye. Yellowstone has made him out to be this tortured hero. Thus he must play the part.

“There Isn’t Enough Action”

Finally, the Reddit user finishes up their rant. And while we agree, we have to say, it’s just what the people want. There is a reason Yellowstone is one of the top shows on TV. It’s because of these ridiculous scenarios.

“It just feels to me like someone put together a great story, and some dumbsh*t producer said, ‘there isn’t enough action. I know it’s great that his brother-in-law shoots and kills his brother but what if there was more action to show what a loose cannon he is. What if we have him chase down someone on his property who is flying a drone, and also let’s just have a house explode as he’s driving by and make it, so he has to mercy kill a guy, and also, let’s have him happen upon a van of rapists and make it, so he has to kill them, and let’s also have a drifter pick a fight with him that he has to beat the sh*t out of. ‘….. it just really starts to seem f*cking absurd after a while.”

My final question is this. Are you not going to watch the show anymore now? Is Yellowstone just too much drama for one show? No. I bet my bottom dollar season four will be just as popular, if not more popular, than the rest.

June, where are you?