‘Yellowstone’ TV: Fans Debate Which Dutton Character is ‘Least Likely’ to Be Dead After Season 3 Finale

by Halle Ames

Yellowstone season three has shocked fans debating which Duttons live and who dies after a chaotic finale.

Yellowstone’s third season shook us to our core. I mean, we sat on our couch with our mouths hanging open in disbelief for at least fifteen minutes after the episode ended. That’s how shocked we were.

With so many cliffhangers in one episode, Yellowstone has us asking ourselves who lives and who dies.

In our professional, Outsider opinion, we assume John Dutton and Kayce survived their attacks. Beth is still very much a wildcard at this point. However, Jimmy is probably severely injured but still breathing.

Reddit Users Give Their Yellowstone Theories

One Reddit user goes into major details about how they predict Yellowstone season four will pan out.

“So my season 4 theory is that Kayce and John are alive, but Beth died. So, that makes Rip angry, and he wants revenge, but he is the only one who knows about Jamie. But he doesn’t wanna tell John Kayce is alive, and he hops into his truck and drives as quickly as he can to the ranch where he and Rip meet by accident and saves John. Then, back at the ranch, Jimmy is passed out, and one of the wranglers finds him by accident and takes him to the hospital, where he is either paralyzed or has lost his memories. That is my prediction of season 4, and tbh I think that’s how it’s gonna go.”

Quite the scenarios if you ask us. However, Yellowstone has thrown us so many unseen curveballs at this point, we are not ruling anything out, and our head is on a swivel to be ready.

Fans Give Their Hot Takes

Other fans also chimed in to give their predictions, and while we aren’t saying they won’t happen, there are some pretty hot takes.

“I think Beth is the least likely to be dead,” said Reddit user Dabear51. “And the reason will be because her assistant opened the bomb and she was at a safe distance. At this point, I don’t think Rip really knows anything about Jamie or at least details as to why he didn’t want to talk to him. Honestly, I had hoped John was killed. I thought that would be a huge twist for the show.”

“Unfortunately, I don’t think any of them actually die. I wish more shows would take more risks in killing off characters. To add to it, John really could die without any major issues with the ongoing conflicts. He had already retired, more or less, and they had already been discussing the future of the ranch. The show turns into Kayce, Rip, and Beth fighting for the ranch out of respect for their murdered father (because Kayce and Beth were already on the side of selling it).”

As we said, some pretty hot takes all around. We will just have to wait and see what happens in season four. Only a little over a month to go!