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‘Yellowstone’ TV: Fans Debate Their ‘Favorite Scenes’ From the Series So Far

by Halle Ames
Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom

How do you choose just one moment as being your favorite scene from the hit western drama Yellowstone?

That’s like choosing a favorite child or a favorite food at Thanksgiving. You just can’t do it! Or at least, we can’t do it.

That’s why we have Reddit fans for. They shamelessly speak their mind.

Yellowstone Favorites

One user, named Yeetgangowo, lays out their whole thought process behind their favorite scenes and the deeper meanings these scenes represent.

The person goes above and beyond, and really, all it’s missing is a thesis statement, and a work cited page.

“Obviously, the show is filled with amazing scenes, so it’s hard to pick,” the user wrote. “This is a very small scene, but my favorite it’s right before they launch an attack on the Militia, and Mo paints Rip’s horse. I think this shows unity and strength for a common goal. Another one is when Kayce takes Walker to the “train station” but lets him leave. When in season 3, they have Walker as a lure and all the horses lying down in the bush, and they all pop up to kill Wade and his son. Then when Lee dies in the first episode and John is carrying his body back, and the bird tells him where to bury him. When Rainwater and Kayce are doing a sweat ritual (forgive me, I forgot the name of it). These are definitely everything I can think of but some of my favorites. I’m interested to hear yours!”

Like we said, almost every scene is highlighted. Yellowstone is just continuously hitting its mark.

Other fans chime in with their favorites scenes as well, and might we say they are all classics.

“The office scene when Beth was attacked. Powerful scene and phenomenal acting from Kelly Reilly. Beth in the Boutique saving Monica from the racist. Beth and Rip on the roof,” one user wrote.

Any scene with Beth is sure to be a W.

Rip Freaking Wheeler For the Win

“I like the scene when Rip was driving with Lloyd, and they saw the biker brawl. Rip floors the pedal runs over the biker’s motorcycles and then proceeds to beat them with a brand. LOL,” another wrote.


We personally love it when Rip barges in like the hero he is to save Beth. He even takes a few bullets to the torso, but by goodness, he killed those attackers.

This user, named AnnaNonna, agreed with us, saying, “Since I adore Rip, almost any scene he’s in gets my vote, but him saving Beth gets five stars. My other favorite scene is when Beth takes Rip to the house John gave him. I love that scene, and there’s one more I can’t leave out. That’s the scene of Rip and Beth dancing in the corral. It’s just so damn sweet! I’m not big on romantic movies, but I do love watching these two.”

Our very own Bonnie and Clyde. You just can’t not root for them.